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11 ways to Keep your husband interested in you

BY Sisi Wendy


A lot of people lose spark in their love life shortly after getting married. It almost seems like there isn’t need to be alluring anymore because the end goal has been reached. But on the contrary, that is what ends marriages faster. The spark shouldn’t be a one-time thing. It should be as forever as your marriage is. Here are few simple tips to make your man interested in you.

Being a little too nice can be disastrous. No one likes a constant goody-too-shoes. Show off your true colors once in a while. By being a little too nice all the time, you give off the impression you can do no wrong and it can be perceived as being pretentious. Moreover, it can also mean he is the one with all the bad habits by the book. So loosen up and little. A little bad, a little dirt never hurt anyone. But don’t be banal and dime-a-dozen.

Indulge in sexual exploration. Don’t just stop being appealing sexually because you are married now. Marriage isn’t and shouldn’t be the end goal. Men love what they see as much as we women love what we hear. It is important to make sure that you do all that is necessary to remain sexually appealing everyday in your marriage.

Smell the scent of seduction. Every man gets turned-on by the sweet scent of a woman. Now imagine you find a fragrance he gets stuck to, you’d have him into you at every whiff of your perfume.


Appearance matters. Wear clothes, shoes and makeup that suit your taste and personality, and also his taste at the same time. However, do not overdo the makeup. Men like natural looks. Remember the efforts you put in, in the first few months of your relationship? Try to keep it as fresh as that by constantly appealing to his basic instincts. All these efforts will also make you feel confident and good about you. Men like that in women.

Pamper him randomly and regularly. Addressing his emotional and intellectual needs are important. His favorite colors, favorite reads, movies, books, et al should be at your fingertips. Surprise him occasionally by gifting his favorites to him. Find out the recipe of his favorite snacks, dishes and drinks. Keep them ready for him when he’s back from office. Adopt yourself to his likes, dislikes and moods.

Respect him. There is no human being who doesn’t love to be respected. Picture the kind of respect you think you deserve and imagine he feels the same way or imagine those were his exact needs to. Make him feel, not only through your words, but actions too, that you value his presence in your life.


Be his confidence booster. Positive words and encouragements from a man’s partner can go a long way. Contrary to their external appearance, men are like babies, who crave for compliments and affection. Boost his confidence, by validating his image about himself. This will enable him to open up with you. Tell him directly or subtly whatever you like about him. Telling him that you love him once a day will make him feel good.

Sing his praises. Help him focus on the positive things. Help him to appreciate the brighter side of any bad event so as to keep him from being depressed. Encourage him in all his endeavors, and tell him that you have full faith in him. Even if he makes a blunder, instead of making faces and rolling your eyes, wish him better luck next time. Praise him for making an effort. If he wants to vent out his anger and frustrations at you, let him do so. Vague hints that he has power over you, will give him a sense of security. Make him feel, that you are always there behind him. Even if there is a major disagreement with him, never use extra-harsh words, as that may cause irreparable damage to your relationship.

Ignite your sensitivity. Be sensitive to him most especially in bed. Apparently, men are hypersensitive creatures when it comes to sex. The feeling of being unable to satisfy his partner sexually is very discouraging for him. Likewise, showing dissatisfaction towards his performance in bed may put down his morale. Compliment him on his performance, and tell him that he makes you feel good at bed. This will invigorate him, and boost his spirit, and he will be able to perform better. 

Experiment. Make an attempt at seducing him by buying attractive lingerie especially for him. He will find you irresistible. Experiment more in bed with him and let him experiment too, complimenting his every performances. Same old routines are a bore and can bore out your marriage. 


Do the dew. No one likes a figurehead, and certainly not the man whom you chose to spend the rest of your life with. Don’t always expect him to take the initiative while you lay on the bed waiting. Taking initiatives at times makes him feel wanted. But most of all be natural at bed. Don’t over do it. It can be a turn off.

Side note: Men evolve in relationships with time. Be understanding and patient towards him, and be co-operative in all directions, and you will end up being paid rich dividends in terms of him, eventually counting on you for everything.

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