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12 Boko Haram insurgents ‘meet their waterloo’

12 Boko Haram insurgents ‘meet their waterloo’
May 02
18:03 2016

Twelve Boko Haram insurgents have met their waterloo at the hands of the Nigerian army, Sani Usman, spokesman of the army, said on Monday.

According to Usman, three of them were killed while nine others taking refuge in fox holes and dugouts were rounded up.

“Following the unconducive environment that now exists for the Boko Haram terrorists in the north-eastern part of country, the remnants of the terrorists now hide in fox holes to escape the routing of the Nigerian soldiers,” he said in a statement.

“The terrorists who have been hibernating in Cinga, Mallum Maja, Bosuma and Murye villages, have various dangerous weapons and have been terrorising the communities for a long time.


“But they met their waterloo on Sunday when the troop of the 22 Brigade Garrison in Operation LAFIYA DOLE cleared their hiding places in the four villages. This is in compliance with the military high command’s directive, which is to ensure that all villages and towns are cleared of remnants of Boko Haram terrorists.

“During the operations three Boko Haram terrorists were killed, while 9 of them who tried hiding in foxholes and dugouts were identified and captured alive.

“Items recovered from them include 9 Dane guns, 3 machetes, 1 bow with arrows, 6 motor cycles used by the Boko Haram terrorists to ferry slaughtered cow meats to their hideouts were recovered and burnt.


“The troops also recovered 300 herds of cattle rustled by the Boko Haram terrorists from Fulani herdsmen and handed over to their rightful owners.

“Similarly, 400 persons held hostage by the terrorists were rescued and set free. It is gratifying to state that we have not sustained any casualty to own troops and equipment and troops morale remain very high.”

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    Oyason May 03, 20:41

    Your comment..It is a great pleasure to hear the courageous efforts of the Nigeria Army capturing the most notorious sect called Book Haram

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