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19 more workers in Oyo company test positive for COVID-19

19 more workers in Oyo company test positive for COVID-19
May 19
01:09 2020

Nineteen more members of staff of the same company in Ibadan South-West local government area are the latest COVID-19 cases in Oyo state.

Seyi Makinde, governor of Oyo, confirmed this in a statement issued just after midnight on Monday.

On Saturday, the results for 30 co-workers came back positive, while eight more workers were confirmed positive on Sunday, and with the latest figure for Monday, 57 members of staff have now tested positive for the virus.

“The COVID-19 confirmation tests for nineteen suspected cases came back POSITIVE. All nineteen of these cases are from the same organisation referred to in the updates of May 16 and 17, 2020. So, the total number of confirmed cases in Oyo State is 137,” it read.


Although no further details were given on the company, which has been shut down for decontamination, the governor has promised to provide more information on the company on Tuesday.

“The details of the company in Ibadan South-West local government area, where 38 COVID-19 cases have, so far, been confirmed in the last two days, will be unveiled tomorrow,” he said.

“We have held back from revealing the name of the company so as to allow the emergency operations centre gather intelligence and complete their investigation.


“So, they will be done by tomorrow and we will be able to give you that information so that any person who has visited the company recently will be able to present themselves for testing.”

He added that the state will support persons interested in self-isolation as part of efforts to ensure that its isolation centres do not fill up beyond capacity.

“On the management of COVID-19 cases, we will continue to allow all confirmed COVID-19 cases who are able to self-isolate at home to do so, in order not to overwhelm the capacity of our isolation centres,” he said.

“This also ensures that the isolation centres are available for those who need hospitalisation. However, we will keep tracking those self-isolating using technology to prevent community spread.”


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  1. Bamiman
    Bamiman May 28, 07:35

    Why in Nigeria, they are keeping covid-19 cases as a secret, they keep on mentioning oyo company in ibadan South West, why not named the company so that coworkers and people leaving with them can protect themselves and so get tested . Covid-19 is not death sentence so allow people to identify anybody with the Virus. Only some big men and women names are mentioned.

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