2015: Tinubu ‘drops interest’ in VP slot

2015: Tinubu ‘drops interest’ in VP slot
June 16
07:45 2014

Former governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has dropped his interest in the vice-presidential slot of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the 2015 presidential election, TheCable understands.

Tinubu is making that “personal sacrifice” in the interest of opposition politics in Nigeria, one of his associates said at the weekend.

There had been strong speculations that Tinubu was planning to be running mate to Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.

The associate said: “Tinubu has seen that the political currents in Nigeria are not in favour of a Muslim-Muslim ticket and there is every chance that the presidential candidate of the APC will be a northern Muslim.

“Picking an all-Muslim ticket will only play into the hands of PDP which has been trying to portray APC as an Islamic party. Whoever emerges as the running mate will have Tinubu’s blessing.

“No matter what, Tinubu has succeeded in negotiating a very good deal for the south-west in the APC. The strongest positions in the national working committee of the party have been zoned away from the south-west, which leaves the zone in a good position to take the vice-presidential slot.

“Tinubu has laboured very hard to build a political base in the south-west and he deserves credit for this. Those who think they can just ride on his back to win votes need to show him a bit of respect.”

TheCable was also informed that some top APC politicians in the south-west were already unhappy with Tinubu because of the VP issue, a situation that has generated tension in the party.

Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State and two former governors ─ Chief Niyi Adebayo (Ekiti) and Chief Segun Osoba (Ogun) ─ are all believed to be eyeing the VP slot since they are all Christians.

All APC governors in the south-west are Muslims, apart from Fayemi.

APC is most likely to zone its presidential ticket to the north, and a Muslim candidate is expected to be picked at the party’s convention in November.

Outside of the north, the south-west is the biggest terrain for the APC where it currently controls five of the six states.


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  1. Joe igbokwe
    Joe igbokwe June 16, 08:46

    A very big sacrifice if it is true. Anybobafide APC member must be prepared to make sacrifices even if personal ambition is to be hampered. At this critical moments in the nation’s history patriots must give up something for this country to move forward. We have to defeat PDP.

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  2. Jboy
    Jboy June 16, 09:54

    VP slot my foot. What does he has to offer at this time? That is a sure way to lose woefully.
    Did i also hear you say Niyi Adebayo? What is his antecedent? We are not here to do parties and jamboree in government
    Segun Osoba? Let him stay back and help look for a better candidate that is young and vibrant
    Kayode Fayemi?Even though i prefer him to win Ekiti election because Fayose cannot be trusted with developing his people, i feel APC have better people in their midst than all these jokers.

    I hope APC will not crumble like a pack of card after putting forward their candidates?

    I siddon look

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  3. Aligbe
    Aligbe June 16, 12:22

    Northerner, presidential candidate for APC?
    Their birth right abi?

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  4. TrueLeadership
    TrueLeadership June 16, 16:24

    A Buhari/Rochas ticket would be lovely to see but like you mentioned the south-west is the APC’s next biggest terrain hence the VP would likely come from there. It takes an honest and firm leader to decisively deal with corruption in Nigeria. Buhari fits the bill.

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  5. comrade
    comrade June 16, 20:33

    If this is true then APC has taken a big leap forward.

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  6. Adoki
    Adoki June 17, 08:06

    The man is simply flying a kite. Nobody should trust him.

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  7. Bolex
    Bolex June 17, 13:59

    This is a display of exemplary leadership! If everybody concern can make a personal sacrifice,just like Asiwaju is doing now, APC will go place and will definitely defeat PDP in next general Election.
    However, care should be taken in selecting who takes the VP slot from the south west (Christian ) there more vibrant and young minded members of the APC that can do better than these mentioned individuals.

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  8. Malamuda
    Malamuda June 18, 18:56

    Buhari my foot. If Apc dares put Buhari forward they will loose from the onset Has he finished making Nigeria ungovernable. ? That has been his pledge . Such a man is not fit in our presidency. He is not a patriot. We need true patrots. Who have the interest and well being of Nigerians at heart.

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  9. Noble
    Noble August 22, 18:22

    Watch out! Its a fluke

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