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Abuja rally urges Jonathan to seek re-election

Abuja rally urges Jonathan to seek re-election
April 30
12:15 2014

A pro-Goodluck Jonathan group at a rally in Abuja this afternoon urged the president  to contest the 2015 presidential election.

Participants at the rally, which was organised by the Goodluck Initiative for Transformation (GIFT), urged the president to declare his intention to contest. They declared their support for him.

According to coordinator of the group, Chinedu Okpalanma, Jonathan deserves to be re-elected so he can continue his  Transformation Agenda.

“The only way our country can truly get to the promised land is by ensuring our President continues in office come 2015,” Okpalanma said.

The rally is coming a day after the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics, College of Education Academic Staff Union and students staged a peaceful protest in the city, but were abused by the Police.

This is not the first time that the same group will be holding a rally to urge the president to re-contest in 2015. On March 31, 2014, the group, which is “an umbrella body for organisations seeking to promote good governance,” marched through the streets of the capital city.

Jonathan has not publicly declared his intention to run, but rallies of this nature are normally a prelude.


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  1. koleoyin
    koleoyin April 30, 14:26

    The police n sss should arrest, teargas n disperse them in the interest of national security n for them not to distract the president's transformation agenda

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  2. sam.
    sam. April 30, 14:53

    Very sad for the future of those youth clamouring for the re-run of Jonathan. They are only trading their tomorrow/future and is very unfortunate for them. Things are not going right as no one needs to keep u informed before u notice this. Insecurity is all over, no job for our youth, our education is nothing to right home about. Am sincerely sorry for Nigeria as a country.

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  3. Femi
    Femi April 30, 16:37

    Nigeria itself is sitting on a keg of gun powder. This is the height of shame. This country has lost posterity

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  4. Durbarman
    Durbarman April 30, 20:57

    What is the going rate to support a clueless and inept government blindly?

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  5. Mr Maikudi
    Mr Maikudi April 30, 22:29

    @ur back sir.cause u speak wel

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  6. kiadese
    kiadese April 30, 23:51

    The youth clamouring for jonathan reelection are ignoramus. GEJ reelection will spell doom for the geographical area known as Nigeria.

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  7. unclebee
    unclebee May 01, 13:57

    Let the man show up another contest when he has safely delivered over 190 Chibok school girls. Meanwhile, he should do the country a favour of denouncing those paid dancers.

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  8. Aiku
    Aiku May 01, 21:14

    We have gone this route sevral times before.'Babangida mukeso'; 'Ten more years for Abacha','Go on sohun, IBB', Three million man march' etc, etc. I dey laugh o!!!!

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  9. Otunba
    Otunba May 02, 12:23

    Please where is Daniel Kanu of the infamous Abacha Rally. The guy can do better. What a shame of a Nation

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  10. ally
    ally May 07, 08:10

    Sorryto disappoint you, I will still vote for jonathaninstead of any northener. With him, there will not be sharia in the south! I pray America will bring back our girls, amen!

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