Abidemi Rufai, a senior special assistant from hell

Abidemi Rufai, a senior special assistant from hell
May 19
18:13 2021

A man is innocent until deemed guilty by a competent court of proper standing. I had to put it out there to guide me. It is very difficult to get emotive when discussing topics like this.

You see when the Hushpuppi incident happened, I asked myself one simple question. How do you steal digitally when it can be easily traced and again how do you go on social media to flaunt ill-gotten wealth and basically try to play the ostrich game?

So, this person steals across five US states as seen on an American Newsreel, comes home and gets a high-profile political appointment and goes on social media as usual to flaunt.

He has been thrown under the boss by his employers and rightly so. The cancer must be cut off before it affects the other parts and a very strong lesson must be sent to everybody especially our youths, that even if we stupidly continue to condone these types of behaviour, the rest of the world will not and you will be caught, humiliated and imprisoned.


Now nobody can say it is his political enemies, nobody can say it is a witch hunt. It is very clear that this and like the many that are yet to be uncovered is a result of a selfish and greedy outlook in a community that glorifies such laziness and wickedness.

Our authorities should begin to strengthen its screening capacity. It must eschew the practice of ‘take a bow’ especially in the face of these types of perfidy.

This person served a hardworking governor with tainted hands. These people, if not well managed, could muddy the image of the administration he served. He could say he donated some of those ill-gotten funds in the political process and pull the thread to the system he served in a bid not to go down alone.


This is why the Ogun state government must take this particular case very seriously. As I watched the news feed, the reporter said that as soon as the suspect appears in court, more arrests will be made. The fear is that many more political associates or people in and around the Ogun state government may be implicated.

Governor Abiodun has tried specially to build a different kind of administration. His strides in agriculture with the restructuring and empowering of the agricultural sector remains very exemplary, hence my trepidation.


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