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You acted in order, CAN tells Ambode on sack of chaplain

You acted in order, CAN tells Ambode on sack of chaplain
May 30
19:06 2017

The Lagos state chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) says the sack of Femi Taiwo, presiding chaplain, Chapel of Christ the Light, by the state government is in order.

Alexander Bamgbola, chairman of the association in the state, said this at a news conference in Ikeja, Lagos, on Tuesday.

Bamgbola, who lamented that the matter had been over-flogged in the media and on social media, said the government reserved the power to hire and fire.

He also exonerated Bolanle Ambode, wife of the governor, from the sack of the chaplain, describing her as a woman God sent to bless this generation.

He said the government for itself and for the public and consequently appointed two chaplains to run the affairs of the church, with the presiding chaplain as the senior.

He said it was the state government which created the anointing service and instituted a governing council to run the affairs of the church and report to the ministry of home affairs.


“The governing council has the constitutional responsibility to recruit and terminate the appointments of officers who run the chapel,” he said.

“Two officers run the affairs of the chapel, the presiding chaplain and the chaplain. They are officers of the government, they are strictly employees of the state government and subject to terms and conditions of the government.”

“Having investigated the matter carefully and objectively, we wish to state that the governing council that recruited Venerable Femi Taiwo, acted within its constitutional authority to terminate his appointment.”

Bamgbola said the accusation against Ambode’s wife was far from the truth.

“Mrs Ambode is a true woman of God who fears God and lives a godly life. God raised her at this time,” he said.

“The social media should desist from circulating unfounded reports. The Bible said judge not that you should not be judged. This matter should be closed and be left for the church to handle. We are more than able to handle all matters.”

When asked whether Taiwo was given notice before ejection from his official residence, Bamgbola answered in the affirmative, but said it would be inappropriate to start discussing the offence of the chaplain on the pages of newspaper.

He said for now, the CAN leadership had taken over the matter and would resolve it.

There were reports that Taiwo was sacked for disrespecting Ambode’s wife during an anointing service.

This sparked an outrage, with some attacking the governor’s wife.

On Sunday, Michael Adeyemi, a reverend and head of the African Church, Ifako Diocese, asked Ambode’s wife to apologise to the cleric.

He also described Ambode’s action as ungodly, saying “even the military didn’t sack a chaplain”.


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  1. Timi
    Timi May 31, 04:46

    If CAN Lagos chapter could come out to validate the action of Ambode’s government, especially on spiritual matters, then I see a big problem for the body of Christ in Nigeria. It is a bad precedence that would subject the men of God serving in such capacities as the Lagos chaplain to dance to the tune of the government and not to act as being led by God. Let us be careful the way we handle spiritual things. THE CHURCH OF GOD CANNOT BE UNDER GOVERNMENT CONTROL. DISCIPLINING A MAN OF GOD SHOULD BE CARRIED OUT BY APPROPRIATE ECCLESIASTICAL BODY AND NOT THE GOVERNMENT. The truth is that the sacking of the chaplain did not follow due process. I wonder what CAN Lagos meant by saying it has taking over the matter, when it has already made its judgment giving credit to Ambode’s action?

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    • Joro
      Joro May 31, 08:49

      Timi, You take up appointment in a church set up by the government and then you would not submit to the guiding rules? I think that you should get the full story first. The church has been under the control of governments for centuries, so don’t go there. The Anglican church is basically controlled by the british crown…. and it goes on and on. If you spite Caesar, then you have gone against the directives of God which is clearly stated in the bible and therefore must suffer the retributions from caesar.

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  2. Ugoo
    Ugoo May 31, 06:16

    It is really pitiful that a body like the CAN could utter such statement on this particular issue. I think something is very wrong, I see compromise on the part of the CAN and that spells doom to the Christian body…..

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  3. Felefele
    Felefele May 31, 07:47

    For every living soul that have it at the back of his/her mind that this world will come to an end and that we will all die to give account of our doing on earth before almighty GOD will ” NEVER ” act in such a rude/disrespectful manner Ambode wife did..
    Either (4) or (8) years it will definitely come to an end…my advise to her is to go down on her kneel and beg GOD for forgiveness.

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  4. Dr FAN
    Dr FAN May 31, 11:13

    As a Roman Catholic, I wondered why the Catholic Church in Nigeria pulled out of CAN. Now I know. Some churches are set up by governments and church officials must kowtow to the whims & captives of government officials.The Leaders of the Church(clergy), Religious and the Laity constitute the Body of Christ, which is the Church. Nothing to do with government & politicians. The Venerable Taiwo incident in Lagos was an accident waiting (for too long) to happen, because religion should not be confused with state political power. In that case the last has not yet been heard especially from other states/ares where churches are set up by politicians with state power. God Bless.

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  5. Olasimbo
    Olasimbo May 31, 12:38

    There are two issues here. 1st: I now understand what Olubunmi Cardinal Okojie meant when he described the low level CAN had found/put herself. Of course we know why CAN Lagos chapter have to call press conference rather than intervene privately!
    secondly, I will plead with Mrs Ambode to consider the spiritual consequences of her action rather than allow nominal Christians put her at cross road with God. Whether her action was responsible for the sack is immaterial to me. She should realize that she walked out of God and not Ven.Taiwo; worst still after been anointed.

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  6. Ben
    Ben September 11, 07:41

    The wife of the governor right-this could not be more than eight (8)years. You may have appoint the man of God but I want you to have it at the back of mind that God has chosen him not you,so you may sack him but if God have not let His name be glorified. And on the part of CAN it is a slap on them,they should have descend so low to have supported the wrong action taken by the governor, his wife and their cohorts. May the Lord forgive us all

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