Adelabu: We’ll deliver power services that match speed of 21st-century economy

FG to patronise Nigerian meter producers to increase local content in power projects FG to patronise Nigerian meter producers to increase local content in power projects

Adebayo Adelabu, minister of power, says he is committed to achieving success in Nigeria’s energy sector.

Adelabu, speaking when he assumed office in Abuja on Monday, said the ministry would harness the power of technology to “deliver services that would match the speed and values that the 21st-century economy demands”.

This, he said, would be pursued by ensuring robust collaborations between the ministry’s information communication technology (ICT) apparatus and the emerging technological ideas of young Nigerians “to accelerate the envisaged transformation”.

Adelabu pledged that the ministry would ensure “reliable and accessible power”, assuring that every home as well as the sectors of the economy, would benefit from its efforts.


As the custodians of the Ministry of Power, the minister said the agency is obligated to provide optimal solutions for Nigeria’s power needs.

“This task is not merely a requirement but an expectation from our president and the Nigerian populace, who have endured years of power challenges,” Adelabu said.

“This responsibility weighs heavily upon us, and it is with conviction, divine guidance and the support of president Tinubu, the national assembly, government agencies and every Nigerian citizen that, I pledge my commitment to achieving success in Nigeria’s power sector.


“My vision for the Ministry of Power is rooted in leveraging the Nigerian Electricity Act of 2023, which has opened new avenues for power provision and encourages collaboration between the public and private sectors.

“We will build upon the foundation laid by our predecessors and diligently work to fulfil the aspirations of our fellow citizens.

“We aim to empower Nigeria through reliable and accessible power, ensuring that every home, industry, school, and business benefits from our efforts.

“Key to our success will be an unwavering dedication to efficiency and collaboration. We will foster robust partnerships between the private and public sectors, working collectively to enhance our nation’s economic and social well-being.”


Adelabu said under his leadership, the ministry’s interventions would focus on the aspects of life that truly matter: households, small businesses, educational institutions, massive industrial productions, and beyond.

He said a significant goal “is the universal metering of households and addressing the challenges our national power grid faces”.

The minister also promised to pay critical attention to renewable and alternative energies, adding that Nigeria must not be left behind as the world shifts direction towards clean energy.

  1. When will these clowns come to the realisation that they are being taken for a ride by Siemens. Cancel the contract and hand it over to the Chinese, and we will see fantastic results within 2 years.

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