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Ahmad Lawan: A party stooge or a national stalwart?

Ahmad Lawan: A party stooge or a national stalwart?
June 11
15:10 2019

A couple of minutes ago, Nigerians and the rest of the world witnessed the emergence of Senator Ahmad Lawan as the Senate President of the 9th Assembly. Four years ago, the ruling party wanted him to be the Senate President of the 8th Assembly, but it ended up not working out because President Buhari was still learning his ropes in a context of our own version of shallow-politics. The only asset PMB came to the office with—was ‘integrity’, but he was very naïve and inexperienced when it comes to own adaptation of dirty-politics.

Out of the blue, Bukola Saraki, a man who was thoroughly mentored in the real art of politics—defeated and outsmarted the ruling party—to emerge as the Senate President of the 8th Assembly. He was neither a party stooge nor a national stalwart, but there are a few things you cannot take from the Kwara-born politician. When it comes to politics, he knows his onions. His four (4) years in office romanced turbulence, because he was not the anointed candidate for that office, but while myriad political winds were blowing, you could see him being so calm and unperturbed. He is obviously gifted and smart, but like other politicians, he was only in power for what he could get!

Not many people believed Bukola would complete his days in office as the Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The embattled current National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole boasted that he would remove him from office in two weeks! But Saraki sat unmoved and firm—as the popular rock of Gibraltar. Today, Adams, the one who vainly boasted that he would remove Saraki under two weeks is now struggling to remain as the National Chairman of the APC!

Now that the anointed-candidate of the APC has emerged as the Senate President of the 9th Assembly, like all the previous Assemblies, the common man is clearly not going to benefit and profit from it. The status-quo is going to be differently maintained. Ahmed Lawan just publicly did swear to the oath of office that he would be loyal to Nigeria and the Senate, but before he did all that, he must have done that of his political godfathers and party clandestinely. He is now torn between and among three interests! Of course, the common man’s interests come last! If you think I am wrong, I will come back in 2023 to revisit this national-slip-up.

I have no issues with the emergence of Lawan, but it is heartrending and heartbreaking to take in that most of our Senators are puppets, and puppets are only loyal and committed to their puppeteers. As an effect of what just happened in the Senate, every Nigerian should bury the dream of having an independent 9th National Assembly. It can never happen!

For the umpteenth time, with both the Legislative and Judiciary in the kitty, Nigeria is certainly going to run on one leg for the next four years and it is extremely dodgy for our burgeoning and embryonic democracy. The All Progressives Congress (APC) Party is now in control of both the Legislative and Judiciary!

A few minutes after Lawan emerged as the Senate President of the current Assembly, Ovie Omo-Agege (the alleged sponsor of those thugs who did cart away a major symbol of governance in Nigeria) also emerged the Deputy Senate President of the same Assembly! Ours is a very shameless nation. Some blocks of months ago, some influential-rogues, without wearing masks, found their way into the Senate building and did cart away one of the sacred symbols of governance in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, a MACE. It was a thing of shame and colossal national embarrassment. Till today, not one of those untouchable-thugs has been brought to book. It is clearly a realism that some Nigerians are above the law. And until the law that binds the poor man can also imprison the rich, we can never have a truly prosperous country.

The question is; were they only sponsored to rubbish the former Senate President? Having been to the Senate, I do know that ordinary people can never enter it without being permitted. Cameras are everywhere, so why is it that we are yet to be told and shown the names and photographs of those invaders and assailants? In Nigeria, the more you look, the less you are actually going to see.

Now that the alleged and suspected sponsor of those who did cart away a symbol of authority has become the Deputy Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, expect a lot of anarchistic and unlegislated activities. It is not in those whom habitually break the rule of law to uphold it. Lawless people cannot build. The only thing they can do is to pull-down that which has been built.

Lastly, I want to speak (as clear as water) as a seer. Hear me; Nigeria is going to be ruled from Lagos, not from the “Aso Rock” that is comfortably seated in the Federal Capital Territory. Furthermore, in the next four (4) years, Nigeria is not going to be led, it would be ruled. And in addition, Ahmed Lawan is not just a politician, he is a core party-man, so he is not going to lead the 9th Assembly; he is going to be led from the National Secretariat of the All Progressives Congress (APC).


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