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AI and IoT(S): A haven of possibilities

AI and IoT(S): A haven of possibilities
May 24
05:10 2022

The possibilities with Artificial intelligence (AI) keep shooting past the ceiling as Dr. Kai-Fu Lee posits it will change the world more than anything in the history of mankind, even electricity. AI focuses on the ability of a computer or a robot controlled by a computer to do tasks that humans usually do because they require human intelligence and discernment. Whereas, an IoT ecosystem consists of web-enabled smart devices that use embedded systems, such as processors, sensors, and communication hardware, to collect, send and act on data they acquire from their environments. Imagine what the fusion of both technologies will make possible about life enhancement, multiplied options, and superior intelligence.

It is about mid-year 2022, as I mused over the first half of a thoroughly demanding year when it suddenly dawned on me that I needed to prepare for a full tech blast soon filled with knowledge. Alas! It is here with us as Oyinade powers on to optimized capacity in one click of a button or from a 100-meter range voice activation. This is the beauty of my smart fully-furnished home with the extra luxury buffer from IoT and AI. Within her is a myriad of other smart gadgets and smart spaces, all of which deliver for me smart experiences that add color and fun to life.

My waking moments begin at Yeside, the fond friend that welcomes me every morning in a warm embrace driven by the so many unique features she brings along to manage my excesses efficiently. These days, I realize that hours go unnoticed anytime I am in her company, especially with my smartphone due to myriads of missed messages and social media engagements. She is AI-enabled and knows all my family members, a few of my friends on Facebook and Twitter, and helps to reply to some of their chats and tweets. You may wonder how all of these becomes possible in only ten years of continuous improvement in technology.

Moreover, the need for hygiene requirements heightens my need for better cleaning and disinfecting, as prolonged usage occurs, as I do with Yeside. She is connected to a self-managed cleaning system that ensures complete disinfection alongside notifications on the need for supplies replenishment. She notifies my home manager, Sola (a hubot), if and when there is a faulty knob, leaking tap, or even broken mirror within her space. Yeside does a great job at maintaining best hygiene practices for me, as she discusses topics that are of interest to me and my hygiene. How amazing that she welcomes me with a smile on a first-name basis and a “see you soon” or an “I’d miss you Femi, have a great day” as I walk out through her door. This happens on some of my mornings as I get a different experience in the afternoons and evenings when I need to be in her company. What a barrage of possibilities Yeside brings to the table to give more meaning to my existence as my smart restroom internet of space (IoS) ally. Our paths crossed only two months ago, and she knows so much already about me like lifetime friends.


However, Tade, who is in control of my meals is male, an internet-enabled masterpiece that manages food inventory around Oyinade, and reorder levels, alongside the automated dishwashing and lighting as I come through his door. Tade is a great company and superior at its chef offerings. He taught me how to make different continental delicacies from Ebira to Chinese to French and even a Japanese – Unadon, a dish of kabayaki on top of white rice. How easily all these happened, with its internet connection, and my monthly subscription of only N2,500 (approx. $5.00). I became friends with Tade only five months ago at the Trade Fair exhibition held in Ikeja, a popular city in Lagos, Nigeria; and he has completely revolutionized my eating options and habits. Tade’s parents are offering a daily hygiene tip for free to all community members who give a positive social media vibe on their experience with their son.

I can go on describing my newfound friends, all of which used to be passive, are now made fully active by IoT(S) and AI. Imagine a future with minimized waste, energy efficiency, and greater personal autonomy. One example that comes to mind of the imaginations made possible through the automation and control that IoT will be offering in the future aside from autonomy is snap and blink options alongside other gestures. Yes, smart devices will dominate the conversations of the future as smart mirrors, dining tables, refrigerators, fans, air conditioners, ceiling areas, floor areas, and smart kitchen utensils make our homes more grandiose and warm.

All my smart gadget family members provide up-to-the-second information, such as people movement logged in with face, time, and date; and data on when new stock needs to be ordered and in what exact quantities. The big data part of their IoT feature delivers use case data, with enormous value as it is analyzed for behavioral patterns and updated feature suggestions. Yes, AI helps provide context and creativity to drive intelligent actions from the gathered data around several use cases.


In addition, cities like London, San Francisco, and Copenhagen already make use of IoT-driven applications, and most of the earlier IoT projects were domiciled in the ‘smart city’ area. These cities and several others are expected to continue to use solutions such as smart meters, for their energy management, which will run into billions of dollars in investment demand on a year-on-year basis.

In truth, the future of IoT infused AI has the potential to be limitless, as advances to the available internet speed will be accelerated through improved network flexibility, embedded artificial intelligence (AI), and the capacity of humans to deploy, automate, drive and secure various use cases at hyper-scale. The potential of IoT will not just enable billions of devices simultaneously but leverage the huge volumes of actionable data, which can give rise to diverse novel businesses. This will result in many new challenges that will birth astounding solutions and services that will inch deeper into global scale markets – opening entire new streams of untapped revenue.

Tech will help you feel fresher in the morning like Yeside does, and have better hygiene, even learn new cooking skills like what Tade offers me. Devices like smart alarm clocks will call the help of Sola, the home manager to ease the waking process by providing preferable and friendlier options, rather than just a blasting noise. Yes, you can have soothing music, and even breakfast in bed, as Sola cuddles you into a bright new morning. Device designs will change, as they become more customized to individual preferences and offer friendly update suggestions from time to time. There will be something for every pocket size, as seeming fantasies become normal.

Furthermore, as more devices become IoT connected and spaces become Internet of Space (IoS) compliant, they will put a strain on current cloud infrastructure and maintenance costs. At such time, we will reduce reliance on cloud-based platforms, and rather have decentralized channels to analyze data to make swifter data-driven decisions. More organizations will weigh the options of data-to-cloud or decentralized processing in almost real-time.


There will be smart washrooms and floor areas, with customizable technology solutions that seamlessly integrate IoT environmental and operational sensors with digital restroom 3D mapping to provide intuitive user dashboards and alarms for real-time decision-making. Restrooms with self-condition their environments’ temperature humidity and air quality based on unique preferences on user presence.

In conclusion, the compounding annual growth rate of 24.7%, and big-name companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook among others are investing heavily in IoT applications will make these seeming fantasies a reality in the not-too-distant future. This will become the domain of smart workers, who have mastered relevant skills to cope with the demands of a tech-nurtured new world. Thank you for the investment in time. Please follow me on Medium: and LinkedIn:


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