Akan Udofia — 30 minutes with the renaissance man

Akan Udofia — 30 minutes with the renaissance man
May 03
17:46 2021

It was Chike Ogeah who first mentioned him. He said, Edgar have you heard of Akan Udofia” and I said ‘No’ he said he is a man you should meet.


Then it was time for my Play- Ibiom: When Doves Fly and I reached out to my brother Udeme Etukeyen who also mentioned the name. As I pushed in securing support, I met with Eno Udoh who also mentioned the name which now got me thinking.

So when I got to Uyo, two days to the Production, Eno called again, ‘ Akan is in town call him and go and see him. You should listen to him’ I said ok.

So here I was sat Infront of the seemingly mysterious and urbane Akan Udofia. He is a serious man with a vision and I like that in a person.


Akwa Ibom is within my sights. I have had this vision just this November and God has never failed me in my 51 years he said. I listen.

We have to start looking at things differently in this Country especially in this state, he continued. We have to demystify governance. Bring it down to the people so there can be a connection. Development has to be taken outside of Uyo so that is can be well democratized – my words.

As he spoke, I began to see the renaissance I have been talking about. We see hope too much in Government. This must be changed. The narrative has to be changed. We must begin to create wealth independently in a bid to achieve political stability.


This I believe was what Akan was telling me that cool beautiful evening under the sweet skies that is Uyo.

As he spoke, I felt the confidence of a man who although was fulfilled still feels the strong need to arrowhead the renaissance.

I have personally looked at the challenges of Nationhood in this our country and our problem is not Leadership as people may want to think. It is followership.

The followership battered by misinformation and all sorts have been herded into the meaninglessness that is life in Nigeria. Making them look up to leadership that has been thrown up as a means of a personal desire to escape from poverty thereby wallowing in the shallowness that is opaque.


As Akan spoke, he spoke my mind. He wanted to engineer a new thought process, pushing gratitude to the follower, engaging and empowering the led to the point that they would in themselves begin to oil the wheel of growth.

I powerfully share in this approach. The followers have meekly subjected themselves to the tyranny that is their lot in this country. They have waited for Godot for too long and have put their hopes in lackluster leadership that continues to fail.

Akan is of the opinion that we can be salvaged by a well-orchestrated engagement of followership, through visionary leadership that has been tested outside of Government but with the network that can pull in resources as we push towards rebuilding the system and bringing development to the people.

My position exactly. As I stand to leave and he stretches his hands towards me, I look intently into his eyes and I see a steely determination to prove his point to the people.


I am standing aside and watching very closely as this renaissance man begins his journey. A journey I feel, if replicated in just three other strategic centers in the Nation, we just might be out of this conundrum in no time.

Lets watch Akan. I am certainly watching him.


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