ALERT: You can now register for FG’s N75bn youth investment fund

ALERT: You can now register for FG’s N75bn youth investment fund
October 15
04:09 2020

The federal government says it has opened the portal for Nigerians to apply for its N75 billion youth investment fund.

The initiative of the ministry of youths and sports is being funded by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

On July 22, Sunday Dare, minister of youth and sports development, announced that the federal executive council approved the establishment of NYIF to the tune of N75 billion.

The NYIF is dedicated to investing in the innovative ideas, skills, talents and enterprise of the Nigerian youth with the aim of turning them into entrepreneurs.


Dare had explained that the funding targets 500,000 youth annually.

He said a minimum of N25 billion will be disbursed each year over the next three years, totalling N75 billion.

Dare said for the remaining part of 2020, an initial sum of N12.5 billion will be needed to commence the NYIF.


He added that the initiative, which is part of President Muhammadu Buhari’s plan to address unemployment in the country, will be sustained by successive governments.

“The fund aims to reach 500,000 youth annually between 2020 and 2023. Each fund approval will range from N250,000 to N50,000,000, with a spread across group applications, individual applications, working capital loans set at 1 year and term loans set at 3 years with single digit interest rate of 5%,” he said.

The minister said disbursement of the fund will be through various channels, which will include micro credit organisations across the country the CBN supported by the Bank of Industry, fintech organisations and venture capital organisations registered with the CBN.

According to him, the ministry of finance, budget and national planning and the CBN will provide the initial financing for NYIF, while youth seeking to benefit from the fund must have genuine business ideas and registered business entities.


He added that such persons must be citizens of Nigeria and must be able to provide recognised means of identification and guarantors.

Interested applicants can access the registration portal via this link.


  1. Bangis
    Bangis October 15, 09:05


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    • Nipdom
      Nipdom October 27, 08:49

      I needed to invest in poultry farm

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    • Fdspark
      Fdspark October 28, 22:56

      Wow it a great thing

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      • Wily cando
        Wily cando November 07, 08:31

        I’m skilled in interlectual property….I really need this money to help my career.

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      • Sirajaddeen
        Sirajaddeen April 21, 17:45

        This is a great opportunity to youth that have zeal and jealious to deeply into business and depending themselves for future in advance to make Nigeria better ,so thankful thanks God that show us this pmb government, may God bless Nigerian Nigeria peaceful and achievement in each line underline by our government

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    • Xtijerry
      Xtijerry November 02, 19:57

      I really need this money to put in my business

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    • Prospynho
      Prospynho November 08, 00:50

      Please I need this money to finance my snail farm business and I believe the disbursement will be transparent.
      Thank u nice move by the FG

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  2. Von Yougha
    Von Yougha October 15, 18:27

    This fund will enable me establish a good rice farm, poultry and fish farm. So I appeal that I should be considered.

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  3. Phina
    Phina October 15, 18:53

    Great the leaders of Nigeria

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  4. Wealth
    Wealth October 15, 21:18

    This fund will really empower we the youths.
    God bless Nigeria

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  5. Namadi
    Namadi October 15, 21:44

    I need the money for business with self reliance

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  6. Dorddy
    Dorddy October 16, 06:37

    Please, the application Portal is not functioning optimally.

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  7. Nwugo or favour
    Nwugo or favour October 16, 20:15

    The application process/form is not here, it’s not functional. Hope this is not another mind game politics that you’re bringing in.

    Since , over six years I graduated, no work , no money to start up business. Am only surviving by his grace through online marketing that comes in once in a while. If the government can hear our cry more especially me , I’ve learnt alot OF businesses/skilss and agriculture but no capital.

    I’ll be happy if am been offered a capital of 15 -18million to start up either of the followings…poultry farm ,red oil production, full cream powdered milk production, shea butter and dry cassava.

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  8. Muhammad
    Muhammad October 19, 03:20

    I want to put it in my business of poultry chicken

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    • Jossy
      Jossy October 23, 22:49

      I need to start up my business which is a make up business all I need is a fund I have done my make up training I need support please to start the business thank you for this opportunity

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  9. Yung sp
    Yung sp October 19, 20:42

    I want to put it in my business of poultry chicken

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  10. Julius
    Julius October 25, 20:22

    The money is important, so as to bust my business.

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  11. Blessing
    Blessing October 26, 21:58

    Please we are all Nigeria youth, and need help from our leaders ohhh because we all have a good reason and good plans towards the money aspect, and am happy because this will really help our youths a lot

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  12. Esther
    Esther October 27, 13:45

    I desperately needs it to support my tailoring design.

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  13. Prinzy
    Prinzy October 28, 07:40

    Wow, that is a nice support ever, we all need help from our leaders.

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  14. Brazeal
    Brazeal October 28, 08:22

    I need it to invest in my piggery

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  15. Nnaemeka
    Nnaemeka October 28, 11:04

    I need this money more than any other thing please. Kindly send me

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  16. Subyluv
    Subyluv October 28, 19:53

    I need to invest in my yam farm

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  17. Daniel
    Daniel October 29, 02:32

    I want to invest in the entertainment industry

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  18. Facuty
    Facuty October 29, 11:20

    Even me, I need to invest in my poultery farm

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  19. Joseph ibagoma
    Joseph ibagoma October 29, 13:06

    Will thank god for this life but no job no business to do. be cos no money i want the government to looking into this. How can somebody be a graduate and he or she have no job is very bad the government should help us. That is my opinon let us pray for Nigerian and god bless Nigeria.

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  20. olajide
    olajide October 30, 22:23

    I need this money to invest in my aluminium skill

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  21. Salim
    Salim October 31, 20:49

    I need it to invest in my fabrics materials business

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  22. Fola
    Fola November 02, 08:36

    I need money to start up my catering business….

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  23. Mr White
    Mr White November 02, 12:17

    I am a recent graduate of Agricultural Engineering. I need the fund to start up a poultry farming.
    Thank you.

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  24. Specandoboy
    Specandoboy November 02, 18:42

    Am very happy for this great development i believe it can help and Burst the moral of the youth more especially we that are not working yet for me i will use the money and invest in my small cocoa buying business and i believe it would go a long way

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  25. Escape
    Escape November 04, 05:36

    Where is the authentic and approved link. I need it please so that I can apply

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  26. Obi
    Obi November 06, 20:59

    Interested I’m so much pleased, I need it, to start my pollo production, thanks

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  27. Yusuf drisu
    Yusuf drisu November 08, 11:38

    I need these to finish my education

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  28. Monicval
    Monicval November 30, 10:44

    I need this money to support my ankara and shoe making business

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  29. Faisal garba
    Faisal garba March 13, 15:50

    I just need the money so as to boost my business

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