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Amnesty describes shooting of protesters as a stain on Nigeria’s human rights record

BY Taiwo Adebulu


Amnesty International Nigeria says shooting of peaceful protesters by security agencies is a stain on Nigeria’s human rights record.

Commenting on the attack on members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) in Abuja on Wednesday, the human rights organisation asked the federal government investigate the incident.

A secondary school student was shot when policemen opened fire to disperse IMN members who were protesting the detention of Ibraheem Elzakzaky, their leader.

Amnesty said verified video footage and witness testimonies confirmed that police officers fired live ammunition at the protesters.


“This frequent resort to shooting at peaceful protesters with live ammunition is another stain on Nigeria’s human rights record,” said Osai Ojigho at Amnesty International Nigeria.

“The authorities must immediately end this brutal and deadly crackdown on peaceful protestors and show respect for human life.

“The reckless and constant shooting of peaceful protestors and bystanders with live ammunition by Nigerian police must stop immediately.


“Nigerian authorities must put an end to the deadly crackdown on IMN that has been ongoing since 2015. Resorting to lethal force against peaceful protesters [must be clearly prohibited and] is a violation of Nigerian and international human rights law.”

In July, the federal government outlawed IMN following a clash between IMN members and security operatives.

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