Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Another batch of lawmakers ‘will soon dump’ APC

Another batch of lawmakers ‘will soon dump’ APC
July 25
07:08 2018

Abdulrazak Atunwa, a house of representatives member among the 37 who defected from the All Progressive Congress (APC), says more lawmakers will leave the party.

Atunwa, who moved to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), said the defection was just the first batch of members that would leave the APC.

He said the public should expect more as many members had indicated interest to defect from the party.

Atunwa said the APC was a party they all laboured for as people came from various parties, campaigned and formed a government in 2015.

“We came together because of what was being proposed to the people of Nigeria as we believed in change and a better Nigeria,” he said.

“Sadly, no sooner we formed government in May 2015, the party put itself on course to be derailed and that derailment has continued to today.

“Some of us have been agitating that we should go back to the ideals that brought us together, but the party was not listening.

“The party rather embarked on victimization and criminalisation of its members, those perceived as opponents and have divergent views.”

He said the party set itself on the line of destruction when the aggrieved members brought up their concerns but were castigated and referred to as “inconsequential and as nobody”.

“Putting all that together and the interest of the country, particularly as the APC has derailed from the ideals that will propel Nigeria to advance, we felt we have to take this step we took today,” he said.

Atunwa said the defectors were interested in economic development, respect for parliament and rule of law, while the APC was concerned about membership to form majority.

He said the PDP, in the past three years, had learnt its lesson.

The lawmaker said they had monitored and had seen that the PDP had taken corrective measures.

He said having been beaten at the polls in 2015, the PDP had got its act together and was now a reformed party, adding that it was the reason they felt confident to return to the party.



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  1. Halima Muhammad
    Halima Muhammad July 25, 10:20

    A good improvement,very soon APC will become history ..

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  2. hauwa ibrahim
    hauwa ibrahim July 25, 11:26

    this a very good development in nigeria we welcome you back home

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  3. easymandee
    easymandee July 25, 12:23

    The difference is the same.. we don’t need you guys gin come 2019, Naija youths let’s take what belongs to us…Vote Fela Durotoye for President!!!

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  4. Jen
    Jen July 26, 02:47

    Buhari’s has failed Nigerians he must be sent parking come 2019.

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  5. maygodpunishopressors
    maygodpunishopressors July 26, 12:13

    With Buhari, I would have been surprise if APC could have done better. Buhari has never been successful in anything he was involved. Whatever buhari and elrufai are involved in, there MUST be confusion, weeping and gnashing of teeth.

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