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APC, is the falcon now hearing the falconer?

Yinka Olaito

The good book says when you hear rumour of war and counter wars, just know the end is near. The same goes for politicians. When you hear reconciliation and superlative promises, one should just know a common selfish interest of the group is at stake or election is pretty close. Yesterday, President Buhari mandated Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu to lead the party reconciliation move amongst the fractured units. We assume this is in preparation for the party’s victory in 2019. Does this mean the falcon is now hearing the falconer?


First, I am neither a praise singer nor a politician. I am not cut off for nocturnal meetings and backstabbing known with politicians. I really do not know how to call black white neither do I always strive to be politically correct especially when issues of values and integrity are at stake.

This said, I also believe in equity and justice. Where you have laboured, being appreciated should not be a bad luck. Appreciating or managing different interest within the party must not be equal to handling state’s vault to anyone. Individuals’ greed must be tamed. In doing the above, we must not bang the door loudly as we may need to go through it again.

From the day of his inauguration, President Buhari had said ‘I am not for anyone but for everybody’. A good starting point indicating fairness. I do know intentions most times are not the same as reality. It will take serious focus and determinations to translate intention into reality. This problem is compounded when national issues are involved, diverse interests are floated. Everyone wants a larger share of the national cake.


From  2015 to 2017, it was a common knowledge some hawks took over the control of the Presidency decision-making process. A caucus within the APC system became kingmaker and fixers. They had access to the bedroom of the President while some became accursed beings in Aso Rock. The wrangling within the National Assembly dominated by APC Senators increased the tension in the system. There were also references to National Chairman’s inability to maintain internal peace. Chief Oyegun was also accused of protecting factional interests against wholesome party peace.

Fast forward to 2018, ten states under the leadership of APC are in disarray. Power struggle and personal interests overruled reasons.With this, it appears the arrow of god had stricken the APC. Things continue to fall Apart. Expectedly things were no longer at ease as the centre cannot hold. The above scenario produced a situation where the falcon can no longer hear the falconer(s). As time went by, it became obvious Asiwaju Tinubu was no longer considered a power factor within the party. President Buhari’s heart swayed in different directions. Senator Tinubu was touted to be a bad luck to the anti-corruption stance of President Buhari.

First Lady and the owner of ‘other room’ had to shout that ‘people who did not labour in bringing the union together were the ones in control’. Despite the outcry, Mrs. Aisha Buhari was not taken seriously.  With the recent development and the acknowledgment of Asiwaju Tinubu’s force,  can we say the falcon is now hearing the falconer or this is another camouflage, smokescreen to blindfold Asiwaju? Only time will tell.


Jacob Zuma and South Africa economy

I had followed South Africa’s  political power play with interest since 2014. I really did not know the reason for the fascination but I kept being drawn to the intrigues. Yours truly had never been  Chairman of a local government so I may not fully understand the pull which makes people sit tight when the people one is serving seems to say It is time to leave the stage.

People had pointed to me state resources within the control of the leader and all the privileges attached to this may be a great attraction. But I keep thinking if my aim is to truly serve, I guess it is an honourable thing for actors to leave when the ovation is the loudest.

Since the change in leadership of Africa National Congress ( ANC ) which saw the emergence of Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa as the new ANC President, South Africa economy had benefited immensely. Each time there is a rumour of resignation of Mr Zuma, the South Africa Rand usually strengthen against the United States Dollar. The moment such is refuted,  the Dollar strengthens against the Rand. Is this a good pointer to Mr. Zuma that time is ticking?   What does a child like me know, it is time for me to go.

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