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APC and PDP: Two sides of a coin

Power resided in the house of the PDP for sixteen (16) years and instead of using it to better the lot of the common man; they used it to enrich themselves, cronies and their family members. When they became fat and corpulent, they boastfully said they would be in power for the next sixty (60) years. As if that was not enough, they even called themselves the biggest political party on the continent of Africa! To be fair to them, they never said they were the most useful political party in Africa.

For sixteen (16) years, Nigeria became the biggest economy on paper, but very poor in reality. Politicians were smiling to the Bank every-day, but the common man was crying to bed every night. It was so bad that Nigerians were dying almost every-day as an effect of terrorism. Those that hunger did not kill, terrorism sent to the land of the silent ones. It became so challenging, being a Nigerian; belly-driven politicians were benefiting from bloodletting, though.

It was while we were swimming (with back-float style) in an extremely hard time that a class of people came together, selling the mantra of change to those of us who were tired of the PDP’s misrule and we too unwittingly embraced it as a newly affianced wife. The APC promised us an overnight change—saying that the soon coming arrow-head was the messiah we were all waiting for. They put blazers on his back so that the emerging generation of Nigerians could buy into him and they equally put “agbada” on his back, so that the aged ones could buy into him, too.

Three (3) years after seizing power from the PDP, it is clear as water that they only wanted power; they actually do not know the purpose of power. Evaluating PMB’s lacklustre performance in the last three (3) years, without being biased, Nigerians are not faring better than they were under GEJ. We have lost more people to senseless killings under PMB than we did lose under GEJ. More people have lost their jobs than they did under GEJ. The APC over-promised, but they are despondently under-performing.

As an effect of economic bleakness, sluggishness and childishness in leadership, many Nigerians are already yearning to go back to the Egypt of the PDP. And you cannot blame them. For those who do not know, the PDP and APC are two sides of a coin. A half a dozen and six are one and the same! When it comes to sharing of money, there would be no difference between those in the PDP and APC, but when they want to play Nigerians as a leather-ball, they would start flying the kite of opposition and ruling parties. You cannot afford to be fooled by the current crop politicians.

The APC is in point of fact not a political party; it was just a tool for a class of politicians to chase GEJ back to “Otuoke.” It has outlived its usefulness. The APC can only become useful again on the condition that Dr. Goodluck comes back to power. Behind the mask of that “tool” is selfishness, not the welfare and interests of the common man. How do I mean? Look at the ongoing defection from one political party to another; it has nothing to do with the common man, it is about personal aggrandizement.

The future of Nigeria is certainly not in the hands of both the PDP and APC. As 2019 elections are fast approaching, all they would do is to pump up the heads of Nigerians like a hot-air balloon—with empty-promises that would never see the light of day. For the umpteenth time, the PDP and APC are two sides of a coin. They are all fighting to either access or retain power for self-interests.

Last night, before retiring to bed, I needed to listen to news at 10pm and it was so comical the way the current chairman of the APC was addressing his party members. He needs to learn how to talk as a democrat. If he maintains the status quo, he is likely going to drown what is left of the APC. When he was speaking, he injudiciously painted the picture of a weak president—that people disobey without any consequences. One thing Adams does not understand yet is that PMB likes the way his employees disobey him or how do you explain his uninspiring and apathetic style of leadership?

Also, when a politician says good morning, it means it is a quarter past 6pm. When Adams said he is not going to have a sleepless night on the ongoing defections, I know he is truly having sleepless nights. If care is not taken, the APC will move from being a national ‘party’ to being a regional one on or before October. The administration of PMB is biting the fingers that fed him. Those who are feeding from Mr. President’s table are lying to him as they lied to GEJ. They have forgotten that PMB lost thrice before he was eventually helped to win. To win a presidential election in Nigeria, every influential politician and citizen is needed as fishes need water. If the APC continues the ongoing display of superciliousness that they do not need anyone to win, what happened to the PDP would befall them too! GEJ was supported blindly (as PMB too is being supported) till he became history.

As I begin to coast home, our number one enemy in Nigeria is hypocrisy. When they joined the APC, they were saints, but now that they are leaving in droves, they are sinners. Also, I am of the opinion that it is unfair of any citizen to brand some politicians thieves, especially when he or she knows that his or her own principal too is a thief! Show me one politician in the corridors of power today—who is clean.

For the umpteenth time, evaluating PMB’s bland and jaded performance in the last three (3) years, for now, it is unattainable for him to still gather 12million votes as he did in the past. Those who are telling Mr. Presidents lies are doing so for selfish gains. If PMB does not want to fast become history as the man before him, he needs to move away from sycophants and listen to those who can afford to tell him stark naked truth.

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