APC questions Fani-Kayode’s ‘mental health’

March 02
21:27 2015

The All Progressives Congress (APC) says Femi Fani-Kayode, spokesman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Campaign Organisation, may be abusing substance owing to the series of “incoherent” allegations he has levelled against the party.

FanÍ-Kayode had alleged that Yemi Osinbajo, APC vice-presidential candidate, is a stooge of Bola Tinubu and would eventually pave the way for him to become vice-president.

But the APC through, Lai Mohammed, its spokesman, on Monday said: “No, we have never and will never wish anyone any ill-health. However, we are seriously concerned that Fani-Kayode may have unhinged, perhaps as a result of a relapse into an unhealthy lifestyle of substance abuse.

“Our concern stems from the series of incoherent statements, outlandish claims and inconsistent behaviours exhibited by Fani-Kayode in recent times, which call into question his state of mental health.

“We wish Mr. Fani-Kayode well and call on him to tell Nigerians that he remains clean, despite the massive pressure of work, and that he will not do anything that will see him needing a prolonged reformation in a foreign land.”

The opposition party stated that it was only an unstable mind and someone teetering on the brink that would conjure up the kind of improbable scenarios that had been put out there in quick succession by Fani-Kayode, and still believes strongly that he is doing the right thing.

“The APC does not harbour the kind of disturbed personalities who abound in the PDP, and who will not hesitate to publicly wish fellow Nigerians ill or dead, as long as they believe such ill-will would endear them to their masters and guarantee their political survival,” it said.


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  1. amaka
    amaka March 03, 07:14

    Is this what Nigerian politics is all aabout-mud slinging???? Both these parties should grow up! Already we are in between the devil and the deep blue sea, they should stop rubbing salt in our wounds with their child like abuse – it only illuminates the dangerous predicament we find ourselves with the choices we have to make come March 28th…

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  2. Yusuf
    Yusuf March 03, 09:06

    It seems the ‘pardon’ granted FEMI is for him to abuse the Yoruba tradition,Culture and believes i.e. high regards and respect for elders. This must be the only reason he is drafted as the campaign Director of GEJ.May be he still needs rehabilitation.

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    • katchybond
      katchybond March 03, 14:16

      When Amaechi was ranting and abusing mr president, nobody cautioned his abusive words. I think what fani is doing worth it. only those that are political neophyte will buy the propagandas been peddle around by jonathan’s detractors

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      • VIP
        VIP March 03, 16:36

        Nobody? Well that includes you. And may be Amaechi’s “rantings” were irrefutable by somebody while, even Fani’s personal doctor’s alarmed by his unguarded utterances.

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    KENESKY March 03, 10:12

    both parties are just too eager to resume office come May 29. i think they are both thieves. Buhari is a credible candidate based on his antecedent but we know Tinubu is a thief. Jonathan has failed tremendously and Nigerians are just too worried. Though change is inevitable but we know Tinubu cannot be an antidote of this particular change. Buhari should dissociate himself from the likes of Tinubu so that there wont be sabotage to his credibility. i want to see a free and fair election come March 28 and we should all know Tinubu is only fighting for his pocket and not for the true emancipation of democracy. Jonathan has failed and should give Buhari a chance. Amobode is also a guy i will never vote for. my opinion though

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  4. Bale Rafiu
    Bale Rafiu March 03, 16:30

    Well, uncomfortable goverment we have seen or experienced should be change to unknown coming goverment because unknown coming goverment can be good and better than the present bad goverment. Thanks.

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  5. VIP
    VIP March 03, 16:40

    Fani surely knows his onions, pretty soon he’ll tell Nigerians again he was only “doing his job!” Sounds like saying I was programmed/remote-controlled to say what I wouldn’t say under normal circumstances!

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  6. Uti
    Uti March 04, 11:12

    good talk from Fani

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  7. Bisoo
    Bisoo March 04, 13:05

    The point is being made now. Femi Fani-Kayode is of unstable mind (a brilliant but spoilt brat who was abusing drug overseas before Obasanjo rehabilitated him) This is a fact and there should be no debate about that. The same FFK was the one having an affair with their family maid and lock up his wife and maid in a cell in his house at Apapa. This was in the news and he never denied it. He is a lawyer but without chambers nor any visible work or means of income at the point he went back to PDP. Femi is hungry. No wife to caution him. He needs spiritual deliverance.

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