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APC vs PDP: What’s the scoreline?

APC vs PDP: What’s the scoreline?
June 30
15:09 2018

The ongoing world cup being hosted by Russia has been so interesting; I am of the opinion that some referees were not fair to the continent of Africa, though. If I were the “CAF” president, I would have ordered the continent of Africa to pull out of the next world cup, because it seems there is a subtle racial discrimination going on in the world of football. “FIFA” through its referees has been unfair to my continent and it is quite unfortunate.

What is the essence of “VAR” when it is being used against a people in order to favor a people? There were clear penalties that were given to some of my people but they were cancelled through the medium of “VAR.” I thought racial discrimination has been buried in the game of football, but now, I do know better. The ugly tree of racial discrimination is sprouting again, being watered by some referees. The football governing body needs to put its search-light on this repulsive and unattractive issue and in due course tender an unreserved apology to my people—the whole continent of Africa.

Away from the unfortunate script—acted by some referees, President Putin and his intelligent, hardworking and creative team have so far done a great job and they all deserve to be fêted. Every facility used so far is world-class. What I have seen (so far) shows that Russia is a very organized country. And you know the strength of a country is deeply rooted in how organized they are. Drolly, if I were to choose a country in another world, I would choose to be a Russian, because I love order.

Back home to the type of wishy-washy politics we play and our lackluster way of living, we have introduced a very dangerous dimension to what we call democracy. A few days ago, Nigerians climbed out of their varied beds to know that some hundreds of our precious people (including children) were murdered… Till this moment, we do not know the actual number of those whose lives were cut-short before their time. Nigeria is probably the only nation where a tragedy would strike and we would not know the actual number of casualties. What a lazy country!

There is nothing we do not play politics with and this is the reason we are not making any serious progress. In my last article, as a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I advised Mr. President to order our flags to fly at a half-mast, but he was uninterested for reasons known to him. He also did not declare a singular day of mourning too—probably because the number of those who were killed is trifling compared to the number of our population as a country. One thing he is unaware of, history is being made already.

And when the opposition party saw that there was no seriousness on the part of the ruling party, they took an advantage of the ugly situation and declare seven (7) days of mourning, not because they love the defenseless citizens of Nigeria, but because they wanted to employ the horrific situation we have found ourselves—to score a cheap political-goal. This is the type of politics we play here. And it is the major reason for our backwardness here.

In saner climes, whenever there is a national tragedy, they would forget about partisan politics and unite to defend and fight for their countries. We do not do this in Nigeria. Those in leadership daily display that they hate Nigeria and we are wondering why the led does not love Nigeria. Remember, everything rises and falls on leadership.

When late Osama Bin Ladin did hit America, every Republican and Democrat came together as one. They forgot about their differences and came together as a people, because they are first Americans before being politicians. In Nigeria, politics come first. Also, in Nigeria, 99% of our politicians are not Nigerians; they are citizens of other countries. Most of them are holding passports of other countries. This is why they do not care a hoot about what befalls the nation of Nigeria. The saddest part is that the oppressed are madly in love with their oppressors.

When the PDP declared seven (7) days of mourning, in order to equalize as in the game of football, one of those who are feeding fat in the corridors of power came out to say that when it comes to bloodletting in Nigeria that the number of people killed under the PDP is more than the number of people killed under PMB! This is the new low we have gotten—in a nation that is richly blessed by God but through human wickedness and greediness, we have recently become the headquarters of poverty on earth. Congratulations to all our military and political leaders—from 1960 till this moment.

Those in the corridors of power are now ecstatically counting the number of perished-souls—across the length and breadth of Nigeria as they do in the game of football. On the condition that you want to know the current score-line within the context of those who have perished in Nigeria—under the PDP and APC led administrations, ask Mr.Femi Adesina.


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