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APPLY: CBN reopens N50bn COVID loan portal for households, businesses

APPLY: CBN reopens N50bn COVID loan portal for households, businesses
March 11
13:35 2021

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)  is receiving applications for its N50 billion targeted credit facility (TCF) aimed at supporting households and micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


The stimulus package, set up by the apex bank in March 2020, is disbursed through the Nigeria Incentive-Based Risk Sharing System for Agricultural Lending (NIRSAL) Microfinance Bank.

Announcing the portal reopening in a tweet on Monday, NIRSAL Microfinance Bank (NMFB) said applicants must be households and MSMEs with verifiable evidence of livelihood adversely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Enterprises with bankable plans to take advantage of opportunities arising from the COVID-19 pandemic are also eligible to apply.



The interest rate on the facility will be nine percent per annum, working capital will be for a maximum period of one year, with no option for rollover.

The working capital to be offered to eligible businesses has been fixed at a maximum of 25 percent of the average of the previous three years’ annual turnover.

However, if the enterprise is not up to three years in operation, 25 percent of the previous year’s turnover will be offered.

Term loans have a maximum tenor of not more than 3 years with, at least, one-year moratorium.


Households can access a maximum loan of N3 million while the loan amount to SMEs shall be determined based on the cashflow and industry/segment size of beneficiary, subject to a maximum of N25 million.

Interested applicants can access the loan application portal via this link.


  1. Saifullahi Muhammad
    Saifullahi Muhammad March 11, 23:46

    Thanks I need

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  2. kakuye
    kakuye March 12, 05:20

    This is a nice move by the gov,but d site is bad I have started d application but cannot finish nd submit pls wat could be d problem?

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  3. Benwisce
    Benwisce March 12, 07:29

    No Amount Is Too Small

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  4. Kingsfitz
    Kingsfitz March 12, 09:36

    Thanks for this wonderful platform

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  5. Sircole
    Sircole March 12, 11:25

    Why is it saying BVN does not exist

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  6. lawan grema
    lawan grema March 12, 11:55


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  7. Junior
    Junior March 12, 12:56

    please i’m having issue with DOB format in the application for the household category

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    • LizzyHenry
      LizzyHenry March 12, 19:51

      I need financial help to jack my business to life.

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    • Bravest
      Bravest March 19, 06:19

      I need the link for the application too

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    • Anas
      Anas March 31, 18:19

      With much effusive and the gratitude, I will like to forward my humble request about my accepted loan offer of household, the details are as follows:
      Name: Anas Salisu
      Bank Name: Anas Salisu
      Accnt No: 3069347617
      Accepted Money: N300,000
      Furthermore, my account was small before, that is why the money did not land in it, and now I upgrade it.
      Please sir with due respect, I want you to resend the money back. Thanks

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  8. Jabulani007
    Jabulani007 March 12, 14:03

    Thank you i have applied but i just hope i get what i want so i can start my Uber business or order some goods from china to start selling

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  9. josiah sunday
    josiah sunday March 12, 14:37

    this is nice ,but u have work on ur serve so that people can apply with ease

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  10. Youngest Lunametric
    Youngest Lunametric March 12, 15:54

    I will be very grateful if the portal is on so that we can start to apply

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  11. Setho'o
    Setho'o March 12, 18:20

    Thank you I have applied waiting for positive result believe it will add value to myself and investing in fish farming.

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  12. Natural
    Natural March 12, 18:35

    Thanks for this opportunity

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  13. Babangida
    Babangida March 12, 20:14

    I ned your help i m intruble becouse i need money to help my farmiles

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  14. Onimisi
    Onimisi March 12, 22:14

    Thanks, I’m grateful for this loan

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  15. ST Richard
    ST Richard March 12, 22:16

    Thanks I have apply I hope I get what I want so that I can established my business

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  16. Onyeama
    Onyeama March 12, 23:24

    Every thing seem falling into order until I slot in my bvn number .then_ they say-somthing about non performing loan that I cannot proceed… But then am not with any outstanding loan presently… Can any clarify the issue for me?

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  17. Muhammed
    Muhammed March 13, 09:23

    I am full engaged in need of your loan

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  18. Zipporah
    Zipporah March 13, 10:28

    Please can I have the link,I want to apply

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  19. Bj
    Bj March 13, 10:29

    It’s telling me that bvn doesn’t exist. What could be the problem?

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  20. Ntasiri
    Ntasiri March 13, 14:33

    I will be glad if get this loan

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  21. Mujaheed
    Mujaheed March 13, 15:48

    Please help me 2 have some money to help my self on this farming season

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  22. Maureen
    Maureen March 13, 15:55

    Help me with the link please

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  23. Ogechi
    Ogechi March 13, 16:29

    Pls I want to apply for the loan

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  24. Val
    Val March 13, 22:21

    Please kindly send it to my whatapp 09037502827

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    • OMorogie Victoria
      OMorogie Victoria March 21, 10:54

      Good day everyone please can someone help me out with the link please so I can apply for loan if can’t talk here you can call me and let’s talk about it thanks you

      Contact number

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  25. Stanky
    Stanky March 13, 22:40

    please how do I register in the Covid19 portal so as to receive loan also what are the things required to register.

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  26. habiba musa
    habiba musa March 14, 05:18


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  27. Sunny
    Sunny March 14, 10:01

    You are probably not doing it well,chat me 08028438885

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  28. Paul
    Paul March 14, 11:53

    why is it saying BVN does not exist

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  29. Tundex
    Tundex March 14, 16:02

    Thank you and they congrats me when I opened it

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  30. Blessing
    Blessing March 15, 12:53

    Pls can someone help me with the link

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  31. Sam Emeka
    Sam Emeka March 17, 08:49

    Pls I need the link too, 08068822384

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  32. Emmanuel
    Emmanuel March 17, 10:56

    please how sure is the grants for so many sites has been posting about

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    SHANKA LEE March 17, 13:39


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  34. Star
    Star March 19, 04:52

    Please someone should send me the link 08139383217

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  35. MATTH.
    MATTH. March 20, 10:51


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  36. thankgod daniel
    thankgod daniel March 21, 12:47

    Nice one thanks FG off nigeria

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  37. Savosky
    Savosky March 26, 10:25

    Please good morning everyone I need the link for the loan also God bless u all. This is my contact both call and WhatsApp 09135256520

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  38. Jamb Form
    Jamb Form March 28, 21:43

    Pls I need the link too, 08068822384

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  39. EnginiaDan
    EnginiaDan March 31, 15:41

    Here is the link

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    Sani April 04, 14:13


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  41. princechimex
    princechimex April 20, 02:32

    Please link me up

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  42. Wils
    Wils April 29, 15:00

    Please I also need the link. 09133137947

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  43. Emm
    Emm June 23, 12:58

    Please i need the link..08141294604 thats my WhatsApp number

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  44. Andy
    Andy July 06, 08:41

    Please, help me with this link sir ….08051655874 – WhatsApp

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    Omowumi July 09, 04:49

    08069734538,, needed

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    lugard July 09, 16:55

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  47. Umar Muhammad
    Umar Muhammad July 10, 22:20


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  48. Jeffire
    Jeffire July 16, 15:35

    Please I have being trying to download the form and it not responding. Pls this is my details.. Erumiseli Jeffrey Izuagbe, account number: 0031152945 access bank plc. 400000 naira loan is what I need to boost my business thanks.08052740078

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  49. Adolph
    Adolph July 25, 15:24

    Please help me with the link

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  50. sunday
    sunday July 27, 14:26

    pls i need the link

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  51. Don Richie
    Don Richie July 28, 21:28

    Beautiful opportunity. Thanks for sharing.

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