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AUDIO: Akiolu threatens Ndigbo with death

AUDIO: Akiolu threatens Ndigbo with death
April 06
17:37 2015

There have been controversies about the comments of Rilwan Akiolu, the Oba of Lagos, about Igbos perishing in the Lagoon within seven days if they do not cast their vote for Akinwunmi Ambode, candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), in Saturday’s governorship election.

The Oba made the statement on Sunday while addressing Igbo leaders, but his aide issued a statement on Monday to suggest that the monarch did not expressly say death would befall those who fail to vote for his anointed candidate.

Below are audio recordings of how Akiolu said what he did, including the assertion that those who contravene his wish would “die inside this gutter”:

Listen to the audio below (two files).


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  1. ED
    ED April 06, 18:03

    So d Oba actually made those comments. Na wao, I feel sorry for this nation.

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    • Nan
      Nan April 07, 03:24

      With due respect sir, people don’t campaign with threats. It is barbaric.
      Though there is freedom of speech but know that your right ends where another’s begins. Well,
      an uncivilized society I should say. You must be ruling your subjects with iron fist.

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      • Moses
        Moses April 07, 14:05

        Please igbos and other lagosians ignore this speech and vote for Ambode – APC so that lagos can link to the national government for even development – remember what OBJ did to Lagos because Lagos was not linked to the national govt. of OBJ. Please vote for APC. Thanks

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        • bert
          bert April 07, 20:31

          My advice to all igbos in Lagos state is to team up & vote against d oba’s candidate, this is to make sure dat his preferred candidate fails, lets see hw tru his threat, God will surely visit him d way he visited nebuchadunezar

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          • yo
            yo April 08, 01:20

            I don’t think it’s fair to use this against Ambode because I am pretty sure he dint know the Oba would say that..We don’t expect him to be a mind reader…It is not biblical to judge let alone use another man’s wrong doing against another..From the recording, we can all tell that the man with the microphone is an Ibo man so I am absolutely sure the oba was referring to those present in the meeting not to Ibos generally…kindly note that we all say things we most times regret saying…even if ur vote will still be for Jimi which I implore you to think about, kindly try to forgive and don’t pass the aggression on Ambode or APC generally..thanks

        • Franco
          Franco April 07, 20:47

          You still not understand the system of this so call APC in Lagos. If you’re in Lagos you should know the kind of advert this man Ambode is doing. Don’t you know this man would definitely recover the money or whoever sponsor his campaign. Asked yourself why did he left Fashola cabinet? Heavy taxi in Lagos who is behind it, LASU fee increase who’s behind it?. To me Jimi Agaje would manage Lagos fund very well.

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  2. chidi
    chidi April 06, 18:19

    Very unfortunate having retired as an AIG of police

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  3. bola
    bola April 06, 18:42

    He just lost my vote now!any igbo man shouldn’t vote ambode

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    • debs
      debs April 06, 20:02

      Bola please forgive for the sake of Lagos; please ignore individuals. Thanks and God bless.

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      • Steve
        Steve April 06, 23:48

        Debs whatsoever comes out from a man mouth defies Him. It is too late to forgive. We need a change in Lagos. Jimi Agbaje for governor

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  4. Change4Real
    Change4Real April 06, 18:59

    Oba Rilwanu Akiolu has just burnt the support base of Ambode. My vote now will go to JK and lets see who between Oba Akiolu and Lagos citizens who will blink first!!!

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  5. Keem
    Keem April 06, 19:27

    Kabiyesi erred to have made such statement…my vote is still for AA+

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  6. Jegamycin
    Jegamycin April 06, 19:28

    This oba of Lagos guy is funny o! Some people think they can just hold others to ransom because they have a position of power. Does he not know that God reigns in the affairs of men. I don’t care how many demons he thinks he has at his disposal, his words will fall to the ground. Such an arrogant man with an over-bloated, unabridged sense of power.

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  7. ola
    ola April 06, 19:44

    How can a “royal father” descend to. Such a level? APC just lost lagos.

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  8. Sly D
    Sly D April 06, 19:53

    Well,for the Oba who is supposed to be a father to all – Ambode, Jimmy and Idigbo – to even speak in any manner showing bias underscores the moral/ financial cesspool into which Nigeria has fallen. Tinubu will never make this kind of comment.
    But then, why wouldn’t the Oba? After collecting millions of dollar from Jonathan, who knows how much Ambode and co have given him.

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    • ojay
      ojay April 07, 07:52

      Would you leave GEJ alone. The issue on ground is the diabolical angle the Oba has introduced. Learn to call a spade by its name.

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  9. Debs
    Debs April 06, 20:07

    Guys please FORGIVE for the sake of Lagos state. Kindly ignore these people that make unguarded statements for their selfish reasons.

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    • Governor
      Governor April 06, 20:47

      Olowu is wrong here, how is he going to enforce this. You are demarketing AA with your threat of drowning the opposition in the Lagoon. Baba you are truly working for JK and we will join you to elect JK as the next governor.

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      • mimato
        mimato April 07, 19:59

        Please you guys. Isn’t this obvious? The Oba is doing his job. This is just to cause havoc for Apc. Pretending to be on the side of APC knowing fully well that this comment would make them loose votes. Ha ha. Please this is just gimmick ooo. Look the igbos should not allow themselves to be used by PDP. Please! because they believe the igbos will fall for this trap,they are using it and we are falling. Rubbish..

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        • dimson
          dimson April 08, 14:52

          Mimato, I quite agree with you, some of us are already falling into the trap. A policeman will forever be a trick star. I am most convinced that this is a game plan. Consider that on a good day will Orubebe act as he did before Jega at the collation centre, similarly I do not think the Oba would have done that so my advise is for us to ‘Jega’ the game plan (react as Jega did). It should fail as ‘Orubebe’ failed to upturn to election result or make it inconclusive.

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        • Dim
          Dim April 08, 15:34

          Mimato, I quite agree with you, some of us are already falling to the trap. A former policeman will always be a trick star I suppose. Well, on a good day will Orubebe act as he did before Jega and the whole world if not for a game plan to render the collation inconclusive. Similarly, I want to believe that the Oba is up to a game plan, so let us ‘Jega’ him or apply ‘Jegamysin’ and vote as anyone may have decided before the incident. Obviously, Jega did not conclude based on Orubebe’s treat, so don’t vote on the basis of Oba’s treat. You believe in GEJ Lagos – fine, you believe in progress and renewal of Lagos/GMB link – fine.
          We will all rip the fruit of our vote without sentiment shortly.

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    • Joe
      Joe April 06, 21:12

      I have never vote for anybody, but because of the oba’s threat I will go out to vote JK so as to hasten the legion that entered the oba to push fast to carryout his threat so that ICC can pick him up. He should know that he has no immunity.

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    • liontribe
      liontribe April 07, 03:38

      I think you should stop begging people to vote APC. Everyone is free to do as they please. Or are you also threatening us? So without APC Lagos will not develop or there’ll be no peace? Demanding votes under duress of a death threat is not my idea of “free & fair” elections. It’s uber rubbish! APC has lost already!!

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    • Sumo
      Sumo April 07, 07:11

      Why do you keep saying “forgive” your kinds are those who allows sentiment to block their sense of reasoning, this kind of cheap threat and blackmail the Oba has resulted into is what creates blood shed. Please, the oba should go and read the Bible and find out about what happened to kings who thinks they are bigger than God. Shameless king.

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      • Hayour
        Hayour April 07, 15:44

        I do hope you realize failing to vote for someone you support because of another supporter’s comment is also sentimental. Our votes should be based on who we believe in rather than who we want to “show”

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  10. God's own
    God's own April 06, 20:36

    What would have made him say such! what inspired bwt them

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  11. dejiloye
    dejiloye April 06, 20:54

    He needs to be reminded that when prides,fall has come.The statement credited is ‘unroyal’

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  12. Sad Man
    Sad Man April 06, 20:59

    Very sad! Well, once a Nigerian Policeman, always a Nigerian Policeman. We know them by their words and actions. I will vote JK anyway.

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  13. David
    David April 06, 21:02

    Hmmm,this statement credited to Oba of Lagos,HRM Oba Akinolu really sadden my Heart,I support APC bt this statement is undemocratic of Leader in d calibre of D Oba of Lagos who is suppose to be non partisan in Politics,now threaten people with death wen all power really blong 2 God who can kill anybody @any time.D evil dat men do live after them.God bless Lagos

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  14. Alani
    Alani April 06, 21:09

    It is sad that some traditional rulers are taking sides in the political divides.They are not supposed to take side as they are the fathers of all.The Oba would do well to take a cue from the wise Oba of Ijebu-Ode.

    The Ibos are free to vote whomever they choose to,just like any other Nigerian as enshrined in the nation’s is their inalienable right.

    It’s a development that is so so sad,worthy of opprobrium like the not so Elderly Orubebe saga

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  15. tempest
    tempest April 06, 21:20

    Sorry for those statement, I think igbos. Should wake up now,and me if this is wat apc party is going to be doing in nigeria,threating citizens, they just lost my support,infact igbos should find a way to develop their business around the east and delta.and let’s see how lagos will look like without igbos, igbos pls wake up.wat an insult to the igbos

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  16. Jamo
    Jamo April 06, 21:21

    These same guys you pals are hailing will be the same people that will cause APC to implode as they are all power hungry!

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  17. Nibs
    Nibs April 06, 21:36

    I’m ashamed of Kabiyesi’s statement being a Yoruba. Awujale & Alafin have shown what it is to be royal Fathers. I will now use my very precious vote for Jimi Agbaje in protest

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  18. meg
    meg April 06, 21:52

    Those the gods want to destroy they first make mad.The Ibos know what they go through in Idumota and Balogun markets so threats or no threats it’s time up for Apc.I voted Fashola in 2011 now I know better.

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  19. George_USA
    George_USA April 06, 21:53

    …. Buhari made similar threats to the entire nation. You forgot the threat of dogs and baboons blood? This APC is a violent organization. Welcome the era of do or die politics. Nigerians have been scammed.

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  20. Esther
    Esther April 06, 22:10

    D kabiyesi is not God,so he can neither create nor take life. No man’s life is in his hands

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  21. God son
    God son April 06, 22:10

    This is very bad coming from a king that was suppose to protect people under him. Let see if you are God and let see who will perish for this my vote goes to JK

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  22. Darling76
    Darling76 April 06, 22:54

    APC has just lost lagos State to PDP. Oba just played one expensive joke. The result after Saturday election will be a shock to him since he has taken the place in Lagos State.

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  23. Emmy Jay
    Emmy Jay April 06, 23:14

    D Oba’s comment was undemocratic & unacceptable. As nigerian, evrione has got his/her own right to vote whoever, its no body’s bizness. Lets show him dat he’s not God Almighty, and we’re not in 1900 by voting for JK…..disrespect to d igbos!

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  24. Hadji
    Hadji April 06, 23:14

    The Kabiyesi and his audience know themselves. He was addressing the self anointed leaders and with the benefit of the March 28, voting experience.He reserves the right to his expression as much as others have the right to cast their votes to whoever appeals to them. Let us be aware that it is the people that determine the government in a democracy I.e. Government of the people, by the people, for the people. The report is part of our experience from military rule to civil rule. We will gradually get there as we crawl on.

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  25. Aru-Nganga
    Aru-Nganga April 06, 23:26

    This insult from so called Oba of Lagos should ring a bell to Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo, Because this things is getting out of hands, other tribs are now taking Ndi Igbo for granted, Ohanaeze should respond to this. …enough is enough. .

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  26. AbiolaJay
    AbiolaJay April 06, 23:40

    Igbo should now know they are target for destruction. They better go to East and develop it within one year. They West and North will look for them since they do not want them again. It’s heart breaking for a royal majesty of that calibre to make such comment.

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  27. Trb11
    Trb11 April 06, 23:44

    Olowo Eko has the right to right to speak but can’t force anyone to vote.
    Let’s not base our voting based on his declaration, be wise!!!!!

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  28. Adeagbo
    Adeagbo April 06, 23:45

    Lagosian wise up.. His majesty is working for JK indirectly. He knows that threatening Ibos with royal curse will against Ambode will definitely turn not only Ibos against Ambode but numerous Lagosians. So Eyin ara, I cannot be fooled. I’ll vote for Lagos development and the benefits of inhabitants and NOT anybody’s mind

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  29. olumide Allen
    olumide Allen April 07, 00:11

    The oba should apologies publicly before its too late. No matter highly placed you cannot make such statement.. If APC fail to deliver Lagos state heashould be held responsible.

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  30. Bola
    Bola April 07, 00:36

    the ohaneze ndigbo should take up this statement made by oba akiolu of Lagos this is an insult to the entire ibos…Igbo kwenu!!!!!!

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  31. pietro
    pietro April 07, 00:48

    If you listen to the tape carefully. You will discover that the Ibo delegates promised the Oba that they (the Ibo delegates) will vote for Ambode. On this promise,the Oba curse any of the delegates who will violate the promise. In my view, the curse is upon the delegates who breach the promise and not the entire Igbo race in Lagos. The delegates may have collected brown envelopes from APC before they made the shows how our currupt leaders betrays us and curse is upon all of them. So vote for Ambode for continuity given what APC has done in lagos.

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    • TheWise
      TheWise April 07, 10:05

      I agree with you. The delegates who are Igbo are the one that “sold-out”. Remember, the statements were made with Igbo as the audience. Corruption has eaten into the fabric of Nigeria – the Oba may have been paid by the two candidates (JA more?). Democracy if practice the right way, enables the people to speak; including the Oba. Use your vote wisely and vote for the candidate of your choice. If JA wins, the Oba will still be “subject” to him. I suspect what we know is less than the behind of the scene arrangements and agreements. Make Lagos great and Make Nigeria the greatest. Lagos and Nigeria belongs to us all. God bless Lagos and God bless Nigeria.

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  32. carca
    carca April 07, 00:59

    I am filing a report to the ICC couple with the audio recording which will be used as an evidence. He has forgotten what happened to his like; lorun bagbo, sadam etc

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  33. Zubby
    Zubby April 07, 01:22

    Oba there wouldnt have been any need to vote anyymor or perhaps, INEC would have counted only your vote for lagos daAmbode though you would have still lost Lagos state but you’ll hold your oba responsible now for your woeful loss to PDP. Shame!!!!

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  34. De Great
    De Great April 07, 02:58

    it is most unfortunate for an oba to condescend so low in his vituperations of hate against the south easterners in Lagos.This is an arrogant display of tribalism. Or is he playing out the policeman in him? He has undermined his authority and soon he will regret his unguarded utterances. JK u have our votes.

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  35. Nan
    Nan April 07, 03:33

    Kabiesi! With due respect Sir, I advise you study the qualities of a good leader.

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  36. Ono Oba
    Ono Oba April 07, 04:09

    Thank God for the threat. Some of us want to die before, this is an excellent opportunity to hasten the process. Oba please prepare mass grave for us bcos your lagoon would so polluted that you can not bear it. JK you have my vote and that of members of my family, let the hell fall.

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    • Goatherd
      Goatherd April 07, 12:24

      Non-Yoruba Nigerians, this is only the beginning. Welcome to the CHANGE you voted. It is no different from the coercion and intimidation meted out to supporters of parties other than the APC in the northern part of the country. Change is working!!

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  37. Dtonah
    Dtonah April 07, 05:18

    Very Terrible….well does it mean those hailing him are Ibos? Wonders.

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  38. Aisunny
    Aisunny April 07, 06:23

    Although it doesn’t speak well of oba to hv said such, pls let’s ignore his statement. Na beg I dey beg oooo, pls let join hand and vote for APC. God bless lagos, lagos for All , eko oni baje oooo

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  39. goldsmith
    goldsmith April 07, 06:33

    I have been an ardent suppoter of apc but due to this oba akinolu comment, all my family will now vote for JK AGBAJE..See hw he spoil the election apc has already won before and the security agencies will take this treat serious. The lifes of IGBOS in lagos is at his hand.

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    GWAMNATI April 07, 07:14

    I think this is the work of the opposition party. Me I was not there so I can’t say. But I am not voting either because I don’t know what they got to offer but I think the Igbo leader should confront the Kabiesi and even if he said so,he don’t have the power to act so.

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  41. temmy
    temmy April 07, 07:30

    Igbo kuewnu, I strongly believe that oba of Lagos is working for Agbaje and Pdp and his strongly against APC and Ambode to alter such statement. Let’s go out and cast our vote for the right Person that will take Lagos state to Promise land. God bless Nigeria.

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  42. Cj Boston
    Cj Boston April 07, 08:07

    I thank God he owns Lagos, but my father(God) owns the world, if he did not apologise 4 this, he may not know the outcome of the election. Let him go and ask Nebu the owner of Babylon.

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  43. Omo Eni
    Omo Eni April 07, 08:38

    Hmm! The chickens are coming home to roost too fast! I am not a card carrying member of any party, but have always had this eerie feeling that by jumping into the deep blue sea with APC, Nigeria may have reversed this nation by about 20 years. Reason: I look around the party and am unable to find anyone who speaks peace or words like Jonathan’s which says the unity of Nigeria is bigger than my ambition. What we are beginning to perceive is a conquest! Reliable information says non indigenes were also threatened with death in the North if they dared vote Jonathan . And it worked! Nigerians we just commenced a long Night where Jonathan is about to be beatified!( sainthood) our Fate is in our hands and democracy must not die in the hands of these gangster! Brace yourself up and fight with your votes! Show this Oba that power pass power! Jk is Ok!

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  44. Dolapo
    Dolapo April 07, 09:36

    In as much as you all have rights to your opinion, I think it is myopic to say you are voting based on a man’s utterance. So many people voted voted GEJ not withstanding Patience threat of stoning & Asari’s threat of burning Nigeria. Some Yoruba leaders even said bastards are the only ones that will vote for Buhari. The Oba has seriously erred but he is just one man with maximum of one PVC. If you want to vote for JK, ok. If you want to vote for Ambide, all well. Please don’t rub this mistake in. And I think it is unduly publicized. Nothing can happen to any Igbo no matter who they vote, this is Christ’s own country.

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  45. Candid thots
    Candid thots April 07, 10:10

    Im not a Lagosian but im properly yoruba.The Oba took sides, that’s condemnable.The Oba used crude traditional powers to curse Igbos,that’s also not popular.However, let’s tell our Igbo brothers it’s also not right to mobilise tribal support for a candidate in place that’s not indigenously theirs.It’ s like treason- wanting to take over a place! Yorubas are highly accomodating in their many towns and cities and Igbos are major beneficiaries.No tribe can try what they contemplate as a group in Lagos, in Aba or Onitsha as the Oba said.Let’s live together with mutual respect and each person votes according to
    their conscience.Selah

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  46. Ayo
    Ayo April 07, 10:31

    Really. What has an unguarded comment of an Oba got to do with voting rightly and wisely if we truly mean well for this state and country. We all are too unforgiving and emotive and that will continue to hunt and affect the future of us and our children.

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  47. wumiski
    wumiski April 07, 10:50

    Beloved and highly honoured citizens of Lagos, let’s all just consider d royal father’s comment as a Godless chatter. Nigeria is Gods own country, and whatever goes on in any state must align with Gods plan .Many are d devices of a mans heart only d counsel of God shall stand. So, let’s all go out on sat, and cast our votes based on our personal convictions and not based on any mans empty word. Long live every Lagos residents, long live Lagos state and long live d federal republic of Nigeria. Peace.

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  48. McLlary
    McLlary April 07, 11:10

    it pain me so much that I didn’t have my PVC. right from time jk is my man and he is the right man for Lagos state. oba God pass you as a father you should be a sources of blessing not of curse. by God’s grace you will be put to shame. jk we know jk we trust .

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  49. Yemi Adeyemi
    Yemi Adeyemi April 07, 11:35

    I’m sure this alleged death threat by Oba Akiolu against the Igbos in Lagos if they vote against Ambode cannot be true considering the Oba’s social and educational standard, at least He is a retired Police AIG and he knows the implication of what he allegedly said. The Indigbos should only fear God who has absolute control over their lives and come out on saturday April 11, 2015 to vote according to their conscience. Oba Akiolu is not God and he will not dare to play God’s role. The era of intimidating voters to vote against their concience has gone for ever and its is God that put whoever he likes in position and nobody can querry Him.

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  50. chi
    chi April 07, 11:55

    This is how loved and protected Igbos in Lagos have been. Can this be word of a royal father, but yes it is. This is not a mistake and cannot be denied. A true Igbo man has never been intimidated before and cannot with this. Igbos, go out and cast your vote your choice candidate. If I ever had a choice to vote Ambode, that vote is automatically lost. My 8 year old daughter asked me yesterday is those who won the last election have been thought on how to be leaders, one of the most intelligent and disturbing question a child has ever asked me. Has Oba Akiolu, all his years as an Oba of Lagos ever learnt how to be a leader? If he knew applies the meaning of leadership, he would never have said that.

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  51. Yekini
    Yekini April 07, 12:18

    How are u sure to be alive on the Election Day.

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  52. 'lyno
    'lyno April 07, 13:06


    Just as the APC won the Presidency, PDP will overturn APC in Lagos State. Who are you to threaten us, are you the giver of life, if you don’t give life then you can’t take life? You are just a mere man and we are not afraid of your evil spirits. Who says Lagos State is the exclusive reserve of APC?, we shall see?

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  53. 'lyno
    'lyno April 07, 13:16

    Very disgraceful Oba, your candidate AMBODE (APC) will loose LAGOS STATE, by your own utterance you have brought down fall upon your select candidate and please write it down, nobody will die in any Lagoon, you are not The ALMIGHTY GOD. Let’s see if Lagos State will fall without APC, we need change of Government in Lagos State. Oba, you have laid your bed, now lie on it, Selah!

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  54. Gentle9
    Gentle9 April 07, 13:23

    Am afraid here, what a Great Mistake and Error. The Oba has single handedly affirm that Lagos state belong to a man.

    I see PDP taking over

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  55. mankind
    mankind April 07, 13:56

    This kind of statement coming from an Oba is highly regrettable, but this is not enough for us to change our mind from voting rightly and wisely. If this statement had been credited to Ambode, it would have been a different thing all together but since he was not the one that said it; this should not be a good platform for you and me to vote against him. I want to unequivocally state that Ambode has continuously and consistently assuring every Lagosians that he will work for us no matter where we come from.

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  56. Jude
    Jude April 07, 15:08

    As for me even though I may not have voted, but right now I will test the efficacy of his curse. I am not Ibo but I want to assume he directed his curse to non-Yorubas. I know like most people that the kings of today (obas, igwes, ivies, emirs, etc) have all lost their spiritual powers due to corruption and frivolities. It takes a frivolous king to make the kind of statement the oba made and he should be ignored.

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  57. AOI
    AOI April 07, 15:09

    Dear Mr. Akiolu, it’s shameful that you could descend so low. Definitely, with your shameful attitude which show how you treats your Palace subjects and staffs, YOU are NOT REPRESENTING Yoruba Obas, Yoruba Elders or Yoruba Nation. The Yoruba Nation is a loving culture so DO NOT paint wrong picture of us. Dont make people call us names our fathers did not give us. I am a Pastor. Just about 7mins ago, Emeka KAREEM, a Teen Yoruba/Ibo boy, who needed a help just left my table in my Church Office. I did the little I can to assist him. His father is a Muslim Yoruba and mother is an Ibo Christian. They are not my Church member but they are in love. We dont treat our neighbours the way Mr. Akiolu tretaed our Ibo Brothers. Anyway, our Elders says, ” AGBA O KAN OGBON”. Meaning, “old age does not neccessarily translate to wisdom”. Please go and learn good attitudes sir

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  58. AOI
    AOI April 07, 15:13

    Funny enough and worse still, Mr. Akiolu, your trained aides denied your speeches. Do they listened to your speech at all? Anyway, they are paid to protect you. SHAME

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  59. Lawman
    Lawman April 07, 15:33

    Please this is a challenge to all of us, if Ambode wins, OBA will now be acting as a lord, am an APC supporter but this time let’s vote PDP and see what will happen.

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  60. AA
    AA April 07, 16:13

    Your comment..i av read all the comments here and am worried that people are letting this slip from an oba becloud their sense of reason. in as much as i condemn the oba’s statement in strong terms, my take is that voting PDP would be counter-productive. at the end of the day, we would all be losers. we all praise jega for handling the orubebe outburst with utmost calm and poise. why cant we just treat the oba’s statement what exactly it is-a mere distraction.

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  61. Bolaski
    Bolaski April 07, 16:21

    Oba just expose his inner thinking about Igbos, hw can a royal father persuade people to vote just for personal interest. I doubt the royalness of this royal father.

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  62. ajima
    ajima April 07, 16:40

    Very regrettable that a Kabiyesi of his ranking, a retired AIG, seasoned civil servant could condescend so low no matter his interest or what he is paid. He should be advised not to take us back to the sixties. Marriage and religion is already closing the political gap between the Igbos and Yorubas.He should stop widening it with unguarded political statements.
    The God of the Igbos is able to protect them beyond the treat of any motal anywhere in the world.

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  63. David
    David April 07, 18:13

    Well, the Oba have spoken but he’s not God. He’s not even sure of being alive to see the result of the governorship elections. The good NEWS is that APC track records speak volume for itself. APC has done creditably well in Lagos and should be encouraged to continue with the good work. The Oba should be made to apologize to Ndigbo if he’s actually canvassing for support for the APC candidate. Ndigbo ‘ibem’ please ignore the old man and go ahead to vote APC. Thanx

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  64. Anchor
    Anchor April 07, 19:32

    May disappoint everyone who dear equate themselves with God.
    Taking like they are God, ……………saying someone can never be governor. May them be put to shame in Jesus Name

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  65. Tonee
    Tonee April 07, 19:57

    Dear Lagosians,
    Yoruba,s are very decent and reasonable people. No tribe will entertain on their land what is going on in Lagos.

    We all condemn the statement of OBA AKIOLU. But let ask ourselves one important question, WHY IS OBA AKIOLU ANGRY WITH IGBOS?

    My answers are:












    My conclusion: We have been living together as brothers for years in peace. You must respect our tradition and institutions.Ifeanyi Ubah should stop jumping around Lagos beating drums of war.


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  66. Franco
    Franco April 07, 20:16

    My Name is Francis Willie, with my intention of casting my vote for a confirm Lagossian Jimi Agbaje

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  67. Taco
    Taco April 07, 21:41

    This oba is a throw back to the antiquity. He sounded cretinous and vacuous. He’s an epitome of the crassness of the Nigerian elite and the ruling class. Education and high positions do not make a man. Common sense does most of the time. This oba should be removed pronto. He’s an utter disgrace to the Yoruba race. This tape should be sent to the International Court of Justice so he could be prosecuted for threat of genocide against an ethnic group and made an example of that Nigeria of today has no place for such atavistic utterance. At times, one wishes that this cohort of Nigerian elder disappear from the Nigerian space without trace.

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  68. onos
    onos April 07, 22:25

    They are asking for change,so change must come to lagos,nobody should worry,is already at national level,they celebrate,why are they afraid of state,it go round all over,change

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  69. Omooba
    Omooba April 07, 23:12

    I don’t know why pple are insulting the royal highness. He is a man who had spoken out of passion for the ruling party. No matter how how long Igbos might have been in Lagos, you cannot understand the indigenes more than d king. He knows who will work better for lagos. Many pple said more terrible things to Buhari, nobody asked for their heads. How many lagosians are in the state assembly in the East? But you have igbos in Lagos State assembly. Lagos state av been accommodating enough, you pple shld overlook such comment and pray for God’s will. Haba!

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    • SAE
      SAE April 08, 10:38

      The word Haba! is the reason why I will not give him the vote that we have perpetually given to APC until now. If APC wins am cool but not with my vote and the votes of my friends. We voted for Buhari because we want change but now we will vote the other way.

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  70. Oo
    Oo April 08, 05:22

    Please don’t be ignorant vote APC this will enhance the development You’ve seen in Lagos. federal govt opposing party stopped installation of Cameras in lagos. They also stopped 24hr power supply in Lagos. Reallly don’t be shallow minded

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  71. SAE
    SAE April 08, 10:33

    Ambode has just lost my vote and the vote of two of my sisters married to very good Yoruba men. We have perpetually voted for APC but all that has changed.

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  72. obaly
    obaly April 08, 12:09

    Your comment..even if ndigbo is sent to lagoon , every Nigerian will still come to lagoon international market ,don’t mind him he’s not a leader but a trouble maker.

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  73. Adepeace
    Adepeace April 09, 11:07

    Fellow Lagosians the Oba goofed but the stool does not apologies for any wrong doing, but we re doing that to douse the tension created as i said and continue to say please cast your vote for Ambode APC, you should know that Jimi his more closer to the oba than Ambode be wise dont toll the road of orubebe let follow the way of Jega in adressing issue Lagos will continue to be Lagos but what about our peaceful coexistence what will happen after the election, please do not sing of war Ekiti is boiling do you want Lagos to be like that? think before you angrily cast your vote because someone jam talk, please don’t take irrational decision that will affect you and your future please vote Ambode APC for governor Eko oni baje

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    EDUNNANNA April 09, 18:02


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