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Bakare: Buhari’s health has improved… he can seek re-election

Bakare: Buhari’s health has improved… he can seek re-election
February 04
13:04 2018

Tunde Bakare, pastor of Latter Rain Assembly, says the health condition of President Muhammadu Buhari has improved and he can seek re-election if he desires.

According to Guardian, the fiery preacher said this at a townhall meeting in London, on Saturday.

“The president’s health has improved…he has a right to contest again if he wishes,” Bakare reportedly said.

He was also said to have commended former President Goodluck Jonathan for accepting the outcome of an election which did not favour him.

He asked Nigerians to thank the immediate past president for preventing “bloodbath,” by conceding the election after a peace deal had been brokered.

Bakare also said he was happy that Buhari had embraced the need for restructuring.

He had urged the federal government to restructure the country by encouraging each geo-political zone to develop along its area of best comparative advantage age.

Bakare said this during a state of the nation’s briefing at his church in Lagos.

He had said such restructuring would return the country to the winning formula of the past and facilitate its socio-economic development.

According to him, with restructuring, Nigeria can leapfrog within 10 years the phases of industrialisation to become a global industrial powerhouse comprised of six geo-economic zones.

“The north-central zone can optimise its mechanised agricultural potential and harness the Rivers Niger and the Benue not just for irrigation but also for hydroponic farming,” he had said.

“It can become a centre of world-class cattle ranching that will quell the menace of herdsmen attacks and also incubate allied opportunities such as meat, milk and leather processing.

“The zone can then transit into heavy industries, including steel manufacturing and auto-manufacturing, while also harnessing the rivers as inland waterways and tourist attractions.

“Similarly, the North-west zone can harness its vast arable land by deploying land-enhancing technologies for mechanised agriculture and cattle ranching, while also becoming Africa’s defence manufacturing hub.

“With these arrangements, the zone will be providing sufficient competitive impetus to revive its historical potential as a central hub in Africa’s textile industry.

“The North East will have the opportunity to redefine its identity from being a hotbed of insurgency to becoming a hub for cattle ranching, pharmaceutical and construction industries and its unique mineral resources such as clay, limestone and gypsum.

“The south-west can revive the vision of the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, it will not just resuscitate its vast industrial and agro-allied manufacturing potential; it can become a global centre for warehousing and world-class sea and airports.

“Lagos state can consolidate its position as the African hub of global finance. Nigeria owes this region the urgent activation of the pragmatic approach to restructuring.

“This approach will see the zone progressively obtaining autonomy over these resources such that it can house a cluster of refineries and petrochemical industries.”


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  1. MOG
    MOG February 07, 14:52

    I am surprised at Pastor Bakare. He says something on Sunday and on Monday the opposite.

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