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Bandits dislodged from north-east disturbing us in Nasarawa, says gov

Bandits dislodged from north-east disturbing us in Nasarawa, says gov
August 18
22:42 2020

Abdullahi Sule, governor of Nasarawa, says bandits dislodged from north-east have found comfort in his state.


Speaking with reporters after meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari at Aso Rock on Tuesday, Sule said security agencies are working hard to contain the activities of criminal in Nasarawa.

“The criminals in Nasarawa state are new, they are not from Nasarawa state, so as a result of that our own people are more familiar with the ground and are able to follow where they are,” the governor said.

“We have some of the bandits that were dislodged from the north-east who found some of these hilly places in Nasarawa state, we have a lot of rocky places, comfortable. So they moved to those locations and as a result of that, we followed up to ensure that we tracked them based on what they do.


“There are people who actually go on the way to the villages and the cities and sometimes kidnap people and we follow them and we also have armed robbers. We have all the three in Nasarawa.

“By the grace of God we have a very good police commissioner in Nasarawa, excellent director of DSS and a fantastic director for Civil Defence and they all work together, along with all the military installations that we have.”

Sule said the state government has been able to use vigilante groups to track criminals.


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  1. Newnew
    Newnew August 19, 11:31

    This means the Nassarawa State Governor is assuring his people of adequate security. This is good. One other thing is that the names and photos of those criminals should be published for even outsiders to keep in history.

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