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Beverley shouldn’t have crossed that line

Beverley shouldn’t have crossed that line
September 12
13:49 2018


There is a thin line between the secular and the spiritual (divine).

I am not one to make an issue out of people’s acts of stupidity so long they remain on their side of the divide. But when these children of perdition become so drunk with popularity and seek for ways to drown in the pool of international fame, they become bereft of sense and begin to tread where angels dread.

A Nigerian celebrity named Beverly Osu, came to heavy lime light when she featured on a reality TV show that have some questionable ethical standards. Her behaviour on the show stood her out and put her name on the lips of almost every Nigerian addicted to this show.

Though she didn’t emerge winner, her stunts made her very popular. She is quite an outspoken person and it has even been reported that she claimed to have had an abortion- something most people see as abominable in our religious society and what most single ladies who commit such prefer to keep secret. But like I said, that is her choice on this side of the divide.

But just like an alcoholic or junkie is sustained by hard substance; until they run low on supply, this fame drunken lady was running low on her opium being public attention. And the fastest means to get back up was by pulling a controversial photoshoot stunt which she shared on a social media platform (Twitter). In one frame, she chose to dress half nude in a habit (an attire usually worn by Reverend Sisters of the Catholic faith) and in another, whilst fully dressed in the habit, held a lighted cigarette in one hand and a prayer Rosary in the other. Disgusting and at the same time psychotic.

Where is the respect for people’s faith and what it represents? As far as I am concerned, Beverly has joined the league of the ill-fated international celebrities to cross that forbidden line. Sometime early in May this year at the MET Gala awards, some celebrities decided to make a mockery of the Christian faith by using some objects/materials representing the Christian faith to dress in seductive and lewd manner. I’ll cite two examples of these celebrities: Rihanna- dressed like a pope (hat, cape and mini gown) and Jennifer Lopez dressed in a maxi gown with a jewel-encrusted multi-coloured cross which had a slit high to her pelvic area.

I am not Roman Catholic by denomination but I am a Christian who has the fear of God and holds in reverence anything that represents or stands as a reminder of the Christian Faith. The life of a nun (or seminarian/monk) is that of total celibacy, holiness and complete service to Christ. Their habit (clothes they wear) are symbolic of repentance and simplicity. And Beverly Osu’s representation of that in her outrageous photoshoot is far from what it symbolises. Sexualising any Christian religious theme or outfit is offensive and brazen blasphemous.

You will agree with me that certain religious bodies wouldn’t condone this and may even call for her head. But the Christian religious body will let her be. This goes a long way to show how ‘tolerant’ some faith are than others and how people take God for granted.


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