‘Beware of passport, money theft in US, UK’ — FG warns Nigerian travellers

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Nigerian travellers at MMIA airport

The federal government has asked Nigerians travelling to the United States and Europe to “take extra precaution” with their belongings.

The government said many Nigerians have been victims of theft of money and passports in the US and the United Kingdom.

Lai Mohammed, minister of information and culture, issued the travel advisory on Monday at the fifth edition of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration scorecard in Abuja.

The minister said the advisory was necessary to protect Nigerians travelling to the US and Europe.


“It has come to the attention of the government that Nigerian travellers to the United States and some countries in Europe are having their belongings, especially money and international passports, stolen at an increasingly high rate,” the minister said.

“The most recent victims of this are travellers to the UK, most of whom were dispossessed of their belongings at high-brow shops, particularly in the high street of Oxford.

“We have therefore decided to advise Nigerians travelling to Europe and the United States to take extra precautions to avoid being dispossessed of their belongings.


“This is not your typical travel advisory. Issuing such is the prerogative of our embassies/high commissions as well as the ministry of foreign affairs.

“It is merely a piece of advice to Nigerians who may be visiting the affected parts of the world.”

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