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Boko Haram to ‘release Chibok girls on Monday’

Boko Haram to ‘release Chibok girls on Monday’
October 24
14:23 2014

The Chibok girls abducted by Boko Haram on April 14 will be released on Monday, Danladi Ahmadu “secretary-general” of the sect, has told the Hausa Service of the Voice of America.

Ahmadu, whom the government named last week as Boko Haram negotiator and security officer while announcing the ceasefire deal, said that the girls would be released to Idris Derby, the president of Chad.

Derby brokered the peace deal with group on behalf of the Nigerian government.

Ahmadu maintained that Boko Haram was favourably disposed to the ceasefire and distanced the sect from the attacks that have been carried out since the announcement of the peace deal.


“Political thugs, armed robbers, kidnappers, hired assassins and other anti social groups now parade themselves as our members,” he said.

He disclosed that as part of the preparations for Monday’s meeting, the group would be holding several meetings during the weekend.

Ahmadu maintained that Boko Haram would abide by the terms of the ceasefire as long as the government does not renege on the agreement.


Top among the demands of the group is immunity of its members from prosecution.

Mouassa Mahat, a top official in the Chadian ministry of foreign affairs, also confirmed that negotiation was still intact, telling Reuters: “Quite possibly, those that are fighting are dissidents that even they aren’t able to control. So far, there is no reason to doubt this agreement.”

The recent attacks had cast a shadow of doubt on the belief that government entered into any agreement with the group, making many who were optimistic on the chances of the freedom of girls to feel otherwise.

Boko Haram captured 276 girls on April 14, while a few of them managed to escape, about 219 are believed to be held captive.




  1. Ade
    Ade October 24, 17:12

    I hope the ‘Secretary General’ is not another faceless character of the group? The Boko Haram would have done well to keep to the promise, so that parents of these kids would be relieved of their months old stress.

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  2. Pa sune
    Pa sune October 26, 06:23

    I hope it is not propaganda and distraction by the power that be ?. God bless Nigeria.

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