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Bola Ige and 4 other reasons Aregbesola won

Bola Ige and 4 other reasons Aregbesola won
August 10
05:41 2014
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Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola of the All Progressives Congress (APC) was re-elected governor of Osun State on Saturday in a resounding victory, quenching any hopes of an upset by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) which fielded Dr. Iyiola Omisore. The victory is particularly important for the APC because this is the first time the new party would be winning a governorship election ─ having tried and failed in Anambra and Ekiti States. How did Aregbesola do it? TheCable lists five reasons. Readers are free to add their own thoughts…


1. The Ekiti wake-up call

Although many APC stalwarts refused to acknowledge it openly, the party went into the Ekiti election knowing defeat was a likely outcome. Some party chieftains were unhappy with Governor Kayode Fayemi whom they accused of alienating them ─ and they refused to work for him. Also, APC was fractured in Ekiti State as a result of internal conflict. The loss in Ekiti, even though not surprising to party chieftains, raised an alarm in the party as a dangerous signal to what could become of APC in 2015. The loss was originally thought to be Fayemi’s problem, but it soon dawned on the party’s strategists that it was not only humiliating, it was also capable of sending  a message to Nigerians that the “ACN content” of APC was no longer in charge of its traditional base in the south-west.

With several reasons adduced for Fayemi’s loss ─ including a fall-out with Ekiti teachers ─ Aregbesola benefited from this by quickly making amends in Osun. He got a soft loan from a sister state to clear two months salary arrears of workers. He also paid pension arrears. Aregbesola also started holding meetings with top civil servants to calm frayed nerves. He began to pay compensation to landlords whose houses were demolished to pave the way for an urban renewal programme. By moving quickly to address the grievances of the citizens, Aregbesola was able to re-connect with them in a matter of six weeks after the Ekiti humiliation of APC.

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  1. Folu
    Folu August 10, 08:19

    Ogbeni won…

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  2. kenny
    kenny August 10, 08:32

    Congratulations to Mr Rauf Aregbesola, as he won the election am so happy with u baba. May u succeed in it. Any weapons from your opponent will not harm u.congrat once again

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  3. Omoluabi
    Omoluabi August 10, 08:43

    The profundity of it all is that dedication to duty as promised in the manifestos should be upheld. The best to offer the general masses is good governance, its dividend is good followership. Good begets good.

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  4. Snow
    Snow August 10, 08:46

    True is always True PDP be mindful you have. succeeded in deceiving Nigeria’s in the past but remember you can’t deceive all the peoples all the time .your days are number couple with high level of corruption . insecurity . merger with high level of incompetency in the administration .pack your bag in Osun state and face your business you have no hidden place in Yoruba land .

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  5. The Scholar
    The Scholar August 10, 19:36

    It’s about time our politicians realised Nigerians-especially the South West- are better enlightened so trumping up the religious or ethnic card is no longer going to work. We will vote for the candidate with the right stuff. Need I add that corn eating in the market doesn’t cut it. Odin people are not fools

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  6. Folubay
    Folubay August 11, 10:25

    I totally agree with Steve Oboh. I am from Osun State. I definitely would not vote for any of the two candidates. Not for Aregbesola because he skillfully brought in religion into Education in a normally peaceful Osun State. Considering the scores, If PDP had a more acceptable candidate, it would have been a walk over for the party. I hope they have learnt their lesson. The future of the Country should be a priority.

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  7. Jenny
    Jenny August 12, 00:18

    Not sure if Aregbesola is a crony and a religious fanatic. but why all the last minutes deal christian apease deals and workers truce, is it not like what Fashola did in re-election bid of 2011. Are we truly practicing democracy or re-electocracy. Any one with a right thinking brain supported with a good memory will understand that the leaders in APC has resorted to unhealthy policy shortchange and Greek gifts to retain power. God will help Nigerians.

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  8. Michael
    Michael August 14, 16:03

    i really enjoy the information

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  9. Bayo
    Bayo August 18, 09:28

    I am not a supporter of the two candidates Ogbeni Aregbesola and OmisOre. But for the death of late Chief Bola Ige who gave me free education in d old oyo state and the hand of ……. In his harasment and killing. I fasted and prayed dat d former shud emerge d winner. Ko te aso agba mole nikan o faya otun fi ina si. He did not only step on toes but destroyed the leg. He will never rule not only in Osun state but in his entire life.

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