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Army launches ‘Crocodile Smile’ as #EndSARS protest spreads to more cities

Army launches ‘Crocodile Smile’ as #EndSARS protest spreads to more cities
October 17
15:41 2020

The Nigerian Army says it is set to start its annual exercise “Crocodile Smile” to identify, track and “counter negative propaganda” in the social media and across the cyberspace.


In a statement, Musa Sagir, army spokesman, said the exercise will begin from Tuesday.

“This year’s Exercise CROCODILE SMILE V1 is scheduled to commence from the 20th of October to the 31st of December 2020,” Sagir said.

“The Exercise is deliberately intended to be all encompassing to include cyber warfare exercises designed to identify, track and counter negative propaganda in the social media and across the cyberspace.


“This is the first ever Cyberwarfare exercise to be conducted in the history of the African Armed Forces. Accordingly, the exercise will also include positive identification component aimed at identifying Boko Haram terrorists fleeing from the North East and other parts of the country as a result of the ongoing operations in the various theatres of operations especially in the Northeast, North Central and North Western parts of Nigeria.

“The Nigerian Army, once again, reassures all well meaning Nigerians of its commitment to the sustenance of peace and security in Nigeria and urges members of the public for their support and understanding throughout the period of the exercise.”

The exercise is coming at a time when young persons are out on the streets in major cities across the country.


Under the #EndSARS campaign, protesters have been demanding an end to police brutality.

The protest, which started in Lagos and Abuja last week, has spread to many parts of the country, Kaduna being the latest.

On Saturday, thousands of protesters marched against insecurity and banditry in Kaduna.

Sagir announced the flagging off of “Crocodile Smile” one day after the army vowed to defend Nigeria’s democracy at all cost.


Responding to the comment from the army, civil society groups had asked soldiers to remain in the barracks and allow the people express their rights to protest.

The army first launched “Crocodile Smile” in the south-south region in 2016 and has since introduced the exercise at intervals.


  1. Uncle 'B'
    Uncle 'B' October 17, 16:42

    Nigerians are expecting this going to happen. Because this exactly what George Owel was putting in writing when he was writing the book ‘THE ANIMAL FARM’
    The Presidency should have learned and know that this is another kind of ‘Ahithophel’s counsel’.
    The result which may not be the expectations of the counsselee.
    Instead of using the instrument of brutality against the peaceful youth protesters, who are PROTESTING AGAINST THE BRUTALITY of one arm of the force, I will advise, the Government to organize a round table dialogue, a mind to mind talk with the PROTESTING youth.
    We should all put in mind that posterity will never forgive our misdeeds of today.
    History will soon expose, the good, the bad and the ugly of our deeds. It is just a matter of time.

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  2. akadod
    akadod October 17, 20:37

    Wrong Timing. I just hope and pray that the Head of the Army will think deeply befire acting and not put his name and integrity in d mud.
    All over the world this will be seen as “oppression on the Masses” as its coming when the Yoith are agigating for their rights. Bible says “Wisdom is the principal thing but in all ur wisdom get Understanding”

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  3. Iseselagba
    Iseselagba October 17, 22:55

    Don’t End this Nation call Nigeria with all this threat Everyone is boiling now…The distance between rich and poor is too far…We poor Nigerian should wake up and don’t allow our leaders to use us against each other…All arm forces should remember their families and friends were part of We bloody civilians… United We stand, divided We fall….d gods are wise….

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    SENIOR MAN October 18, 07:13

    The youth spearheading the protest because they are mostly the victims of sas brutality the reason ls clear they form the largest group of cyber crime they taking advantage so that their business will boom .In Baking they are protesting look at the net those advocating that the Army should stay away should have a second though Kudos to the armed forces of our country they are up to the task

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  5. mczonkwa
    mczonkwa October 18, 07:51

    With the development ‘Crocodile Smile’ it’s hope it might not be caoitic. “Sarki yawa sun fi mai karfi”.

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