DSS produces ‘dead’ lawmaker alive

DSS produces ‘dead’ lawmaker alive
March 17
17:08 2016

Afolabi Akanni, the Ekiti state assembly lawmaker whom the state government claimed had died in the custody of the Department of State Services (DSS), has been produced to journalists by the service.

TheCable confirmed that he is alive, but weak, apparently from ill-health.

TheCable saw a frail man at the DSS headquarters and asked him, “Are you Afolabi Akanni?”

He said: “Yes”.

afolabi ekiti

Akanni looking sick

Akanni, at present, is taking a nap at a desk at the conference room of the DSS.

He could barely carry himself, and his eyes were red and shadowy.

Speaking to journalists, Abdullahi Garba of the DSS, said that Akanni was arrested for some serious breaches bordering on state security.

“You may have been aware of the recent situation in Ekiti state in which the DSS was accused of abducting the state assembly legislators,” he said.

“The fact is that one of the members of the assembly Hon Akanni Afolabi was duly invited by the service over some serious breaches bordering on state security, and for which he has some explanations to make. These breaches fall under the purview of the DSS to investigate.

“This press conference has become necessary in order to debunk a rumour which is being dangerously spread in Ekiti state by some mischief makers to the effect that Afolabi has died in custody. Nigerians and Ekiti people in particular are convinced to see that Afolabi is hale and hearty as he is being presented to the press today.”

When asked why Akanni was still in custody despite an order of a court for his release, Garba said: “We didn’t get the court order.”

Akanni walked with strenuous effort as he was led back into DSS custody.


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  1. Realist
    Realist March 17, 18:45

    But Fayose group said conclusively that the man died yesterday. Where did they get the story from? Why delibsatelly misleading the public? There is a saying that when you lie once even when you are speaking the truth nobody believes you. Any statement from fayose and his group should be weighed carefully by Nigerians lest you believe a lie.

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    • jed-matthews Daniels
      jed-matthews Daniels March 17, 21:55

      So u expect him dead before he is availed the right to life?How about his being frail and strenuously trying to walk?So they are keeping him till dies?

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      • aphine
        aphine March 18, 03:55

        Tell the story as it is, a dead man will not talk, lets start thinking of what other will think of us when we leave power, as it is now, God forbid bad thing who will now believe you.

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    • Totori
      Totori March 17, 22:05

      What you should be concerned about first is the illegal abduction of the law maker. The court has asked that they be released but the same FG that had come into Governance with the backing of this same law courts are disobeying the order. And all you have to say is “Fayose is a liar”? So bad

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      • ucbless
        ucbless March 19, 08:31

        Someone who is very sick and seriously needs medical attention yet they seem no to care. He is more dead than alife. Fayose never lied! He made use of a figure of speech. Please Nigerian government should stop this there political vendetta. If that man eventually dies the FG and DSS should be charged for murder

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  2. Roy
    Roy March 17, 19:41

    Your comment..When Mr Fapose or Fayose says good morning you have to check your time and probably look outside to actually confirm it is Morning.

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  3. nyfela
    nyfela March 17, 21:13

    This is a serious injustice. to a fellow nigerian & PMB didn’t react positive to this that means he knew about d action of d DSS.

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  4. neyoski
    neyoski March 18, 02:03

    Fayose’s dead’ man still walking.

    Alam’s burial still in the making

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  5. topman
    topman March 18, 08:03

    I know many will lampoon Fayose side. But is it confirmed that this obviously sick man is the lawmaker? If so why would DSS wait until a fear of the man’s life before responding to just show him to the public. How did they get wind of the man’s offense but never got wind of the court order releasing him. Let DSS safeguard this fragile democracy we have by upholding the law which both established them and on whose authority they operate.

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  6. Dan Nigeria
    Dan Nigeria March 18, 09:50

    Some matters are plain serious. Some institutional breaches and conducts, plain unbelievable!

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