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FG reverses school resumption, withdraws from WASSCE

FG reverses school resumption, withdraws from WASSCE
July 08
17:53 2020

The federal government has reversed its earlier decision to reopen schools.

It has also withdrawn students of Unity Schools from the West African Senior School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE) scheduled for August 5 and September 5.

The examination was initially postponed indefinitely to check the spread of COVID-19.

But Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba, minister of state for education, had announced on Monday that the West African Examination Council (WAEC) has fixed the commencement of the examination for August 5.


Speaking with state house correspondents at the end of the virtual federal executive council meeting presided over by President Muhammadu Buhari, Adamu Adamu, minister of education, said schools under the control of the federal government will not participate in the examination.

He also appealed to state governments who have agreed to reopen schools to reconsider the action due to the COVID-19 situation.

“I appeal to state governments that have announced schools’ resumption to reconsider it. I think it’s not safe. Let’s protect our children,” he said.


Adamu also appealed to WAEC to reschedule the examination because of the pandemic.

Nigeria had confirmed a total of 29,879 COVID-19 cases as of Tuesday evening.


  1. Jr Alexiz
    Jr Alexiz July 08, 18:13

    I’m sad… What is this.

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  2. Grays
    Grays July 08, 20:02

    Finally! One wise decision by the FG

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  3. Lovina
    Lovina July 08, 20:37

    Let them have this exams and let it be done with. Wetin happen gan. Quarantine this students in their various school for 14 days before exam. Get them tested and leave them in d hostel all thru d exam. A month isn’t too much now

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  4. Lulified
    Lulified July 08, 20:50


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  5. July 08, 22:02

    I hate this, I want to write my exams now. Kai Federal Government why

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  6. Prissy
    Prissy July 08, 22:08

    This is really serious… I am damn tired of staying home. FG and ASUU should pls open university for us .

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  7. Uyaise
    Uyaise July 08, 22:39

    No hope for school again

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  8. Olasam
    Olasam July 08, 23:07

    Nigeria should not be fooled it is better to monitor this students when they in school than when they are on the street and in market places. Who is deceiving who? Government tha says more school should be created to withdraw our students from street is now the one that were planning to return them to the street to save them from the pandemic. Wish one is safer street/market places or school where they can be absolutely monitored.

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  9. Sugar
    Sugar July 08, 23:22

    We can’t go to school but we have our market open and election holding…..what a country.

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  10. July 09, 00:36

    I am mad now, please I want to write my exams. Kai, Federal Government why

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  11. Ray
    Ray July 09, 04:10

    I think am still dreaming,waiting for the very day I will wake to discover that this whole of cono is a dream . can’t be real, I am still dreaming ???

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  12. Anonymous
    Anonymous July 09, 04:20

    So, you think students can be monitored in school and it will curb the spread of the virus better than when they stay at home?

    You are funny, ignorant and don’t know what you are saying.

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  13. Chin- Chin
    Chin- Chin July 09, 05:16

    Hmmmmmmmm. It is better to take possible measures to ensure the students are save and good to go. You don’t learn to shoot gun in the battle field you learn before the battles bigins.

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  14. Sophia12
    Sophia12 July 09, 06:02

    Dey go to churches and mosques, markets and shoprites. Dey travel from place to place. They gather in different peer groups, within being checkmate or controlled by so called government. But the future of the country is being played with by the old ones that refuse to die. Schools should be open, please. That’s the future of the country.

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  15. Oluchi
    Oluchi July 09, 06:57

    A school has already started to collect #10:000 from their Waec student, on Monday here in Lagos at Igando road. They said it’s for the student to pass their exams after this pandemic situation.

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  16. Adeline
    Adeline July 09, 07:32

    Pls now fg I want to write my exam
    Wtf is this that they are doing sef
    Churches and mosques will open but schools will not?. I am damn tired of staying at home doing the same things everyday

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  17. Melissa
    Melissa July 09, 13:04

    Let us resume

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  18. Anyibest
    Anyibest July 09, 13:09

    Allow students sit for their Exams closing schools would be best idea, this student already have ideas of what is happening, beside not everybody is required to come to school every day except you have subject for that day. Corona virus have come to stay only cautious are needed.

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  19. Iya Ejinma
    Iya Ejinma July 09, 17:55

    They should please allow these children to write the Exam, hindering them will demoralize them, a whole year is not easy. Nigeria is not the only one in this, they should not allow us to be backward. They should also remember that parents have paid for the Exam. Taking adequate precautionary measures against COVID 19 before, during and after the Exam will help. We should remember that these children have been going to other places where crowds are apart from their schools. Just like malaria, cholera, small pox and other flu have come to stay but God has given us a way out. COVID 19 too will have solution by HIS grace. But in summary we should not waste destinies by delaying these children. Thank you

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  20. DeLight
    DeLight July 11, 13:55

    Your comment..I think what they said is right about the resumption of schools, but I think our time is going and the federal government should find a better solution to this problem, but by the way our health matter most since health is weath and wealth is life, I think they should find a better solution to it instead of delaying other progress, imagine a whole me being send erand to be buying groundnut, Maggi and all sorts of idle things, please FG, I am tired of staying at home

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