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Obasanjo finally endorses Buhari

Obasanjo finally endorses Buhari
February 10
22:16 2015

Olusegun Obasanjo, Nigeria’s former president, has publicly expressed support for the electioneering campaign of Muhammadu Buhari, a former military ruler and presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Until now, he had not specifically endorsed Buhari despite openly criticising President Goodluck Jonathan in the last two years.

Speaking at the launch of My Watch in Nairobi, Kenya on Tuesday, Obasanjo, who served his two terms as president on the same Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) platform that Jonathan is now running on, also condemned the postponement of the election.

“The circumstances [Buhari] will be working under if he wins the election are different from the one he worked under before, where he was both the executive and the legislature – he knows that,” he said.


“It’s a question of leadership – political and military.

“He’s smart enough. He’s educated enough. He’s experienced enough. Why shouldn’t I support him?”

It is the first time that the ex-president has publicly spoken of his support for Buhari. He recently said that he would only speak out on his leaning after the election has been conducted.


On the postponement of the election he said: “The signs are not auspicious. I don’t know whether a script is being played.”

He criticised the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan, accusing him of wasting the country’s resources.

“You need to ask [Jonathan] how has he let [the army] go to this extent,” he said

“Many things went wrong: recruitment went wrong; training went wrong; morale went down; motivation not there; corruption was deeply ingrained; welfare was bad.”


When asked if he was still nursing further political ambition, he said: “I am an old man and I’m enjoying what I’m doing now… And then you forget I am a farmer; I have to manage my farm.”

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  1. ajito
    ajito February 10, 23:23

    Obassanjo is not a statesman. Shame to u. Thanks to Atiku Abubakar for standing strong against your fight to change the constitution and extend your stay in power. You had your own two term shot. Stay behind and let the young rule. Good Luck to Jonathan

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  2. souphy
    souphy February 11, 00:06

    well said baba iyabo, d clueless guy is running out of ideas, he takes Nigerians 4aride, thinking we are all dumbs like him, playing ethnic &religious card, is not going 2help u, Mr corrupt!

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  3. Musuru
    Musuru February 11, 00:13

    The man that ruined Nigeria is talking as usual, from both sides of his mouth!!!

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  4. Tufiakwa
    Tufiakwa February 11, 00:27

    Is quota system major general Buhari a candidate in the March 28 election?

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    A.SADDIQ February 11, 01:23

    We are all Nigerian people pray for Allah to give G.Muhammadu Buhari president of Nigeria.May Allah halpe us.

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  6. suleitch
    suleitch February 11, 01:49

    Weldone obasanjo. U are a true nationalist. The jonathan’s govt is d worst govt in the history of this country. It is chracterized with impunity,pervasive corruption,incompetence and worst of all insecurity – that some parts of contyr’s territories are lost to insurgents.

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  7. bammy
    bammy February 11, 03:21

    I don’t think we should then support mediocrity even if its being exhibited by our kinsman, GEJ has totally underperformed with his government laced with graft stinking to the high heaves and you think we should allow him another expensive 4yrs? Our children will shake their heads for us if we allow this!

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  8. Owo
    Owo February 11, 03:52

    When Obasanjo went round the country to campaign for Jonathan in 2011, he was called a great leader by the president’s supporters. The same OBJ made GEJ Bayelsa governor and then vice president. This nod to Buhari is akin to the guarantor of a man’s job withdrawing from being his surety.

    OBJ, who got presidential picks wrong twice in 1979 and 2007, has now got it right at the twilight of his colourful life.

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    • realita
      realita February 11, 18:33

      I like yur frank talk, Owo. Let all Nigerians, who has ear listen to d voice of reason.

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    • acchpitas
      acchpitas February 13, 10:20

      Whosoever obasanjo endorses to Nigerian intellectuals is irrelevant and inconsequential because prior to his first term, Nigeria was ranked 2nd most corrupt nation by Transparency International and barely 4yrs into his regime, Nigeria became the no.1 most corrupt nation.
      So what morale justification does he has to support,endorse or whatever even an animal talk more of a human being. He has lost it long time ago and should go and bury his head in shame

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      • Robertson
        Robertson February 15, 14:38

        Obasanjo had only spoken his mind.He does not represent the entire Nigeria.He just represents his own personal interest.Thank God it would be a free and fair elections.No body would force the Nigerian voters that day on the choice of whom to vote for He Obasanjo would only cast one vote that day,and every voter from all over the nation would cast their own votes.The peoples votes would speak that day and not individual sentiments.This country is not a private property of any one individual and as such no one has exclusive right to speak on behalf of the whole nation.Most of these statements were of selfish and tribally biased nature and does not represent the greater interest of the entire Nigerians.Time has come for Nigerians to be only voting for the best candidiates to lead us as a nation,not on political parties.That is the only way for this nation to move forward

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  9. nnodim
    nnodim February 11, 03:58

    Obasanjo’s endorsement of Buhari adds no value to his (Buhari’s) fortunes at the polls.In fact Obasanjo can not win any election even in his own family or kindred.

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    • Salami
      Salami February 11, 10:16

      I laugh. Looking at the way miserable elements like you address OBJ. Even Jonathan knows he rode on his back to limelight. Where were opportunists like you(even Oga Jona) when OBJ was fighting hard to keep this nation together. Keep your rotten mouth shot, and permanently too.

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  10. yari
    yari February 11, 04:02

    When senile people talk

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  11. yusuf yusuf
    yusuf yusuf February 11, 04:51

    At least OBJ have made GSM work here in Nig, what gej put in place?

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  12. Ma'aji Caleb Zonkwa
    Ma'aji Caleb Zonkwa February 11, 05:17

    You, OBJ has proof right your daughter’s stand of your on your non human- imaginations and behaviour. Allegations has it that what you could not achieve you will not allowed any other to achieve same. Now believe Sanusi, “[2015: ‘I think Buhari, Babangida and yes Obasanjo should simply allow others try their hand instead of believing they have the monopoly of wisdom.”–Sanusi Lamido Sanusi].…/23213-2015-i-think-buhari-babangid…

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  13. owus
    owus February 11, 05:27

    It is out of greed obasanjo is supporting GMB. I think he should also publicly denounce his PDP membership for APC rather than sit on the fence and act the script of a leader in a comedy film.

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  14. Ma'aji Caleb Zonkwa
    Ma'aji Caleb Zonkwa February 11, 05:28

    OBASSONJO has now educate Nigerian young citizens, that most Nigeria POLITICIANS, knows nothing to be principle in their life; only pretext, jumping from one Political party to another; for selfish interest, not leadership but what will they be reaching their p***?

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  15. omoodoagba
    omoodoagba February 11, 05:35

    Obasonjo is the father of the nation. No father will open his eyes and allows his house to collapse. He knows more than. Ordinary Nigerians when it comes to Nigerian politics. Nigerians have resolved to follow his advice on who to vote in general election.

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    • OBJay
      OBJay February 11, 08:31

      Speak for yourself, and only for yourself.

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    • Margaret
      Margaret February 11, 10:37

      Let him father to his daughter,Iyabo first.go and read that her letter again and you’ll never take what he says or stand for.God alone can help my dear country.

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  16. zak bu
    zak bu February 11, 06:26

    Jonathan stinks

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  17. randy
    randy February 11, 06:30

    @ajito, the man is entittled to his opinion. Like he said, he is an old. Man now. He does know what he is talking about though becos he has been there before. What pains me is when I see young gullible and tthoughtless people who can’t think for themselves and are too selfish to consider the facts objectively. No matter how u look at it, GEJ has failed and deserves not only to be shown d way out but also d contempt of any right thinking youth of this country. No matter how his apologist spin it, GEJ is taking this country down to d dogs. All his desperate plans to perpetuate himself will fail. Please let’s use data and facts to judge things and stop letting useless emotionalism and appeal to base human nature like u have done here take us back. Please contribute positively to d discussion, advance knowledge or SHUT D F**K up. Peace!

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    • OBJay
      OBJay February 11, 08:26

      What do you make of a man who imposed himself as the minister of petroleum during his time as president. OBJ’s sins are so many! Just recount them, and you will never listen when he talks. Just do yourself the favour of researching his sins.

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      • sawstonite
        sawstonite February 11, 09:37

        Considering the poor performance of Allison Madueke, I think Obasanjo made the right decision. The petroleum ministry is too important for the President not to be involved.

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      • May
        May February 11, 10:11

        I see your comments as very unintelligible. You’re right to have said Obasanjo never had a Petroleum minister for a long time. But wouldn’t that have been better than having a minister that was looting the nations resources? Let’s be objective. At a time, Lagos was without commissioner for works and things were progressing in that department. We should rather not have ministers than have those plundering the nation’s resources. Think about the nation’s reserve before Obasanjo left: Jonathan has spent almost everything. Haba! I’m no fan to anyone but I feel we should learn to analyse things. I’m from the Niger delta. However, I’ll never support or celebrate mediocrity: Jonathan has not performed and should be shown the way out, PERIOD!

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        • Nii
          Nii February 11, 16:36

          In as much as I agree with you on Jonathan and his praise singers not performing. What actionable plans has Buhari and his people proposed?

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  18. abdullah
    abdullah February 11, 06:32

    The man knows what he is saying. Things have gone to bad. GEJ tried his best in some areas but things have really gone too bad in s many aspects. There is need for a change. Another 4years will spell doom for us. Let him go and rest, hr has contributed.

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  19. Aldame AD
    Aldame AD February 11, 06:40

    When he imposed this clueless he was a stateman, now that he has seen has seen the truth and regreting his action he no longer a stateman? You really don’t expect this impunity to remain for the next 4 yrs do you?

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  20. Nwana Ubeku
    Nwana Ubeku February 11, 06:50

    Rather than rely on the subjective judgment of man which can be faulty, why don’t we rather pray that God should select for us a leader after His own heart who will have real understanding? We should also pray for a peaceful election.

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  21. mike
    mike February 11, 07:22

    PDP as a party is not that bad. or should I say better in all respect than APC. But where they got it wrong was the wrong choice of GEJ.
    This is an irreparable mistake for now. It’s for this obvious wrong choice they will pay for. PDP is out of Aso Rock for good. 2019 is just 4 yrs away, let them be planning towards 2019.

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  22. mog
    mog February 11, 07:32

    Is Obasanjo a saint?. what did he do for Nigeria? where has he done better than Jonathan? He ruled for two terms, why is he now working against Jonathan? May I know why Obasanjo should not shut up and remain silent in the polity of Nigeria.
    If democracy is failing in Nigeria, who laid the foundation, if military regime was better than democracy in Nigeria, where should d blame start? Obasanjo is a hypocrite and no reasonable Nigerian should follow or support him.
    I refuse to condemn the present leadership of this country. so far so good.

    if you say if it were you you will do wonders, I bet you if it were you you will do nothing

    wait until it becomes you. But for now let justice prevail. whatever is good for the gees is also good for the gander.

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  23. babsb
    babsb February 11, 08:07

    Obasanjo has given us leadership, he made our military great. He taught odi and zaka biam how not to degrade the military.he told them attack on military us an attack on the nation rather, GEJ has made our armed forces laughing stock in d committee of nation, he collapsed the economy, squander our oil money, killed the youths in a sham recruitment called immigration job. Etc

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  24. Chris Solarin
    Chris Solarin February 11, 08:24

    Maybe he doesn’t know that elders see the future ahead of the younger ones like us. God gave the privilege and as such makes them to possess the insight into the future. I’m so glad that such support is coming at this time wwhen the nation is in chaos and confusion. GEJ has played his own scripts and therefore he must allow somebody else to chart a clearer way for Nigeria. I believe Nigeria will flourish,great and prosper again. Buhari all the way

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  25. Lazitto
    Lazitto February 11, 08:57

    It’s not a news that Obj has endorsed GMB. He only formalized it. But I’m laughing at him because he was not really better. He has not told Nigerians what he did with $16 billion meant for electricity in Nigeria. The $180 million dollar Haliboton bribery scandal. Just to mention but a few. He cannot win election in his state today talk more of the country. 1,000 Obasanjos cannot stop Jonathan. Nigerians already know who GMB is and what he stands for. He cannot rule Nigeria. He should look for monkeys and baboons in the Zoo to rule.
    God bless NIGERIA!

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  26. shittu kehinde
    shittu kehinde February 11, 10:08

    GEJ spoil PDP in presidency level, GEJ administrative is the most corrupting so far , And he can’t even tackle corruptions, he is the worst president in nigeria. Please my people let vote for GMB so that things we change , he will try, because know body is perfect. Thanks for supporting GMB.

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  27. kenny
    kenny February 11, 10:34

    GEJ spoil PDP in presidency level, GEJ administrative is the most corrupting so far, and he can’t tackle corruption when EFCC and ICPC is there. GEJ is the worst president in nigeria. Please my people let vote for GMB so that things we change, he will try because know body is perfect. Vote wisely my people. Thanks

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  28. KAMZY
    KAMZY February 11, 10:44

    GEJ , please think wisely for all the years u serve what did u contributed that will be memorable to nigerians, to me u have done nothing , so we all need change, we want nigerian to develope like every other country , since u can,t , His excellency GMB is here for change and for a better nigeria, and his ready to wipe our tears. VICTORY GMB.

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  29. olatunji
    olatunji February 11, 11:08

    Obasanjo is a green snake within green grassess. OBJ is the worst leader. He is the architect of Nigeria failure. He endorsed, shagari, yaradua, Jonathan and now Buhari. Only a fool will identify with him. No regret! He has nothing to offer. Ogun state is APC. Even his local government is APC. His election was the worst. All results were announced from Abuja. PDP will probe very soon

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  30. nkem
    nkem February 11, 11:52

    Let buhari’s family and the north beware. Remember yaradua and Jonathan together? Rumour has it that obj knew that yaradua was sick and could not make it through the 4yrs. Truly we lost him and jona became presido. Hope obj has not looked into his crystal ball to see that the general’s time is almost here. And he is only looking for how to return the presidency to his kinsman and tribe. That way he can finally pacify his people who believe he did nothing for them in his time. I love and respect baba but this time sir, I think you missed it. God’s endorsement is really what we need because every man is myopic in vision. If not you probably would not have brought us jona. But he is here and quietly I think he is moving Nigeria in the right direction. Yes, some things are not right but so it was also in Baba’s time. So jona it is. Aso Rock is not vacant.

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  31. Man
    Man February 11, 12:26

    It is now in this election period that we are seeing those who do not love Nigeria.
    Well, God is for Nigeria and nobody can be against Nigeria. The number 1 enemy of Nigeria is Obj, selfish and occultic.
    America, obj, buhari, tinubu and amaechi put together cannot destroy Nigeria.

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  32. truth
    truth February 11, 13:32

    adedibu made him self small god in ibadon until he was taken away by death peace came to d people of Oyo state.obj and tunubu is trading wit d peace of this country…b warn, Jehovah d man of war is watching…

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  33. 90
    90 February 11, 13:47

    OBJ pls keep quite ..
    Go back to ur farm … Ur d reason where we r now ..

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  34. Limbo
    Limbo February 11, 17:48

    Its painful nigerians dont remember the past.OBJ was not democratic, its family were against him, he arrested and intimidated anyone against him, sleeping with your son’s wife is not mark of greatness, to say the least jonathan has a personality that can unite and move d contry forward, he has not scored a 100% but he is on d right track

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    DEVIL DEY DECEIVE... February 11, 18:06

    Devil deceives but we pray it doesnt DECEIVES JONA.

    He should respect the wish of the people-VOIX POPULI, VOIX DEI.



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  36. ED
    ED February 11, 19:01

    how will u describe a country like Nigeria right now-the elections have been postponed,the government is no longer trusted by the masses,the opposition party is threatening a coup should the elections be shifted again,there are rumours of attempts to complete the handover of power to an interim government,the contesting parties and candidates are making unguarded and reckless statements,and we are even hearing a rumour that there are plans to shift the election date by 6months?it is like a time bomb just waiting to explode.

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  37. torore
    torore February 11, 22:02

    my dear brother’s & sister’s Nigeria is our country every matured person who measures the conditions of this country am 100%sure will vote for BUHARI as our president

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  38. preciouslife
    preciouslife February 11, 22:14

    President Jonathan did well in some areas but there are some aspect of corruption he supposed to take decissive actions but he failed.That makes it to be as if he is weak.I still believe in Jonanthan but he should change his modus oprandus. He should be a man of action.

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  39. preciouslife
    preciouslife February 11, 22:17

    Obj should mind his business.He has nothing to say,was he not the one that wanted to come for a third term.?He should leave jonathan alone.He knew he cannot manipulate Pres Jonathan that is why he is castigating him.If he endorses Buhari that is his business.

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  40. HOD
    HOD February 13, 13:09

    well done job

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  41. Robertson
    Robertson February 15, 15:01

    Well Obasanjo had just spoken his mind,and other Nigerian citizens had spoken theirs as well.On that day the peoples vote would speak for itself at the election booths and not Obasnjo’s speech.What he said would not affect any voter’s choice of vote that day because he was just speaking for his own personal interest and not for the people of Nigeria

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  42. ray
    ray February 15, 20:30

    up jonatan

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  43. Malachi Throne
    Malachi Throne August 24, 20:02

    Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo on Tuesday 23 Aug 2016 debunked newspaper reports quoting him as saying that he and a few others brought President Muhammadu Buhari to power.

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