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‘#RevolutionNow is treason, terrorism’ — police warn against planned protest

‘#RevolutionNow is treason, terrorism’ — police warn against planned protest
August 03
15:24 2019

The Nigeria police force has described the ‘Revolution Now’ movement as an act of treason and terrorism.


In a statement on Saturday, Frank Mba (pictured), police spokesman, said the movement is a “revolution march against the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria”.

He warned citizens to desist from joining the planned protest, adding that its sole aim is to “force a regime change in the country”.

“The Force wishes to state unequivocally that the call amounts to treasonable felony and acts of terrorism and will therefore not stand idly by and watch any individual or group in the society cause anarchy in the land,” Mba said in the statement.


“While acknowledging the rights of Nigerians to embark on protest, the Force wishes to note that such rights should not translate to a violent and forceful change of government which clearly is the meaning of ‘revolution’.

“Needless to state that Nigeria is a democratic republic and has well-defined processes for change of government, exercised periodically during various cycle of elections.

“The Force therefore warns the organizers, sponsors, allies, supporters, associates and sympathizers of the group ‘Global Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria’ to, in their own interest, steer clear of any such planned protest, demonstration, acts of incitement and proposed ‘revolution’, as the full wrath of the law will be brought to bear on any individual or group engaged or found participating in the above planned criminal act.”


According to organisers, the ‘Revolution Now’ movement aims to protest “bad governance” in Nigeria.

The movement, spearheaded by a number of activists in the country, has scheduled a nationwide protest from Monday.

One of its leaders. Omoyele Sowore who was the presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC) in the just concluded elections, was arrested in the early hours of Saturday.



  1. Nemerem danny
    Nemerem danny August 04, 09:43

    The police’ idea that the interest of the protesters is to overthrow the government of the day is just too ridiculous. That they didn’t patiently wait to read between the lines and get the secondary meaning of the word revolution is just so ironical for a government that can dialogue patiently and even negotiate with real terrorists. This government is just so eager to perpetrate injustice!

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  2. A ndy
    A ndy August 04, 15:46

    Your comment.. The revolution called by Sowore IS nothing but a distraction. Were Sowore won the.presition last February,.will he.have.been calling for a revolution ?
    nigerians are veryawlesss. our greatest impunity. 3very one claims to know more than the government everybody want to control government Even those who have.served that are expected to enjoy their reirement.are.still busy seeking.control of government through the back door.
    impunity runs through our blood.
    buhari should address this as it is worse than curruption.

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