Rivers demolishes two hotels for ‘flouting’ lockdown directive

Rivers demolishes two hotels for ‘flouting’ lockdown directive
May 10
13:55 2020

Prodest Hotel, Eleme, and Etemeteh Hotel, Onne, have been pulled down on the orders of the Rivers state government for allegedly violating the lockdown directives.

Nyesom Wike, the governor, had imposed a lockdown and directed all hotels in the state to suspend services immediately as parts of measures to check the spread of COVID-19.

The governor had warned residents that failure to comply with the order would attract stiff penalties.

On Sunday afternoon, Wike was said to have personally supervised the demolition of the hotel in Eleme while other government officials headed to Onne.


The governor speaking with reporters after the demolition

Wike has been actively involved in the enforcement of the lockdown order.

A few days back, he directed security operatives to transfer some persons to isolation centres in the state. They were found on the streets when they were not on essential duty.

He also ordered the seizure of some trucks which defied the lockdown directive by conveying livestock into the state.


The governor asked that the trucks and the cattle seized be auctioned.



  1. Akinwale
    Akinwale May 10, 17:38

    These are people’s places of work, it cost money to build. A yearlong lockdown could have been an alternative punishment. This is not encouraging to the private sector to invest in both the State and Country as a whole.

    If there is no ulterior motive behind the demolition- it is unlawful. We do have a higher power we all have to answer to.

    – AA

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    • Saint
      Saint May 11, 07:59

      Very correct sir.
      But he warned them upfront telling them of impending demolition if they open.
      Why is it that people defy rules in Nigeria.
      They deserve it.

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