BUA, CACOVID and the tales from the vaccine

The Duke of Shomolu

This for me will not be like walking in a minefield. Those who know will know. These combatants have their ways. They control their own narratives so we will not get access to the truth because social commentators especially the influential ones will not be objective in their assessment of the situation for very very obvious reasons.

For me and like they say in Shomolu – wetin concern me. I will run through this minefield without a care in the world as I belong to no one and to everybody as our gap toothed Lord had said. For me this situation as blown open by the Cacovid Press statement and the response of the BUA group is a stupid ploy of spoilt brats not minding the effect on the poor people of this country.

On the back of the Federal Governments reversal that we will no longer be getting the Vaccine this February but by April further compounding the situation especially with the conflicting reports from WHO on our qualification or otherwise for the Covax Vaccine you can imagine the relief of the people when BUA announced that it has paid for the procurement of 1million dosages through the CBN.

The joy was not to last as we were regaled by the most puerile and stupefying Press release from CACOVID berating the BUA group and stating that it has to be group things as in their estimation no one man should be entitled to bring in the vaccine.


Attempting to play to the gallery in a situation like this only strips bare the people who make up this CACOVID. To them everything is showy, its PR and positioning even when lives are at stake. They will rather pander to the nuances of the gate keepers of patronage rather than equivocally work for the good of all. I really do not know why they bother. They are not elected representatives of the people and as such really do not owe us this pittance from their overflowing bowls of sad porridge.

Ever since my first reaction on this on social media I have received harried feedback. ‘Edgar choose your battles. Edgar be careful on this one. Why should I be? I ask my conscience. Why should any body in his right senses be careful when the mortality rate has spiked by a conservative 34%, when the whole pandemic is disrupting socio economic activities throwing us into the worse recession in modern times with its attendant impact on unemployment, purchasing power and inflation.

Why would any one choose his battles when close to 2,000 have died from this, over 130,000 infected and only God knows how many more have died as a result of moving resources to counter a pandemic leaving other illnesses like Child birth mortality rate run wild. In 2019, 59, 000 Nigerian women lost their lives trying to give birth making us world leaders in this.


Yet some spoilt megalomaniacs with the capacity to make a redefining change would rather be playing turning tables with our lives releasing shameful press statements on ‘na me suppose do am’ while the whole place is burning.

I stand with BUA Group on this one. In the case of two evils the thing to do is choose the lesser evil. The man has dropped over N1b through the CBN at $3 to procure this thing as against the $8 we have heard. Instead of the rest to be crying like spoilt brats who no longer have access to the sexual favours dished out by the housemaid, they should either counter him or better him.

What we should be hearing now is a split in the CACOVID joke with the rest saying, ok, this fool has procured 1m we will procure 2m and we will further do another 5m in the next six months and add 1m PPE for our Health workers.

That is how to fight and not to be issuing badly written press statements. Please spare us abeg, we have more fundamental problems to grapple with in our daily lives than to be staring at the  billionaires dance naked and embarrass themselves on stage while we die.

I come in peace.

Thank you.

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