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Buhari lists conditions for restructuring

Buhari lists conditions for restructuring
November 13
09:52 2018

President Muhammadu Buhari has given conditions under which he could consider restructuring.


The president gave the conditions during an interactive session with Nigerians based in France.

Buhari met with them after the Peace Forum attended by over 50 world leaders.

The president said there should be proper definition of what Nigerians want before the government can delve into restructuring.


“There are too many people talking lazily about restructuring in Nigeria. Unfortunately, people are not asking them individually what do they mean by restructuring? What form do they want restructuring to take?” he said.

“Do they want us to have something like the three regions we used to have? And now we have 36 states and the FCT. What form do they want? They are just talking loosely about restructuring.

“Let them define it and then we see how we can peacefully do it in the interest of Nigerians.


“They are just saying they want Nigeria restructured and they don’t have the clue of what the form the restructuring should be. So, anybody who talks to you about restructuring in Nigeria, ask him what he means and the form he wants it to take.”

Restructuring can be seen as the cornerstone of the campaign of Atiku Abubakar, Buhari’s main opponent in the 2019 general election.


  1. Bee
    Bee November 13, 19:05

    “President Muhammadu Buhari has given conditions under which he could consider restructuring”. The Cable

    Which “Muhammadu Buhari” are they talking about?

    The man that was sworn in as the president of the Nigerian Enclave in 2015 or the man that is presently in Aso-Rock claiming to be bearing that name?

    Whichever case and with all certainty, the two are not the same.


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  2. Lotto
    Lotto October 14, 16:19

    The president need to fulfil his promise of a better nigeria. Power has change buhari . If he refuse to listen to yarns of nigeria. His father land will not forgive him. Restructure Nigeria don’t be selfish.

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  3. Bobruns
    Bobruns October 15, 17:44

    Can’t we also ask the President what he meant when he promised Nigerians to restructure when he was campaigning? He’s playing with words and it’s deceitful of him to throw the the question back.

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    • Baba Tee
      Baba Tee October 15, 22:37

      He is not the one that came up with all that he said, it is the overzealous knucklehead aides that he appointed that are too lazy to research his past statements that came up with it.

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    • Banky
      Banky October 17, 23:25

      The man that is telling us to explain what we mean by restructuring is not wrong because he isn’t educated ,let’s tell VP Osibajo to help us tell him in clear and simple language that will be understood by someone who has no WAEC certificate and didn’t sit for one.chikeno

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  4. Okanite1
    Okanite1 October 23, 15:14

    Does this myopic president knows what he’s saying, the answer is NO, Nigeria NEEDS TO BE RESTRUCTURE PERIOD, LET’S GO BACK TO FOUR REGIONS WHICH WILL INCLUDE THE SOUTH SOUTH REGIONS PERIOD!

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  5. David
    David October 25, 19:40

    I stand for one nigeria and for restructuring the country the way it used to be before the new system of government which almost all the regions are complaining of marginalization with respect to whose governing the country… restructure the country in the way of each state or region thrive by what they generate as revenue as well contributing atleast 10% to federal for running federal issues , also decentralisation of powers like in terms of security force to said structured region to operate freely . As a Nigerian, that’s what i mean when yern for restructuring.

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