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Buhari must stop the blame game and reshuffle his cabinet, says Bakare 

BY Samuel Akpan


Tunde Bakare, serving overseer of the Citadel Global Community Church, says President Muhammadu Buhari should reshuffle his cabinet “rather than blaming those abusing or misusing power around the throne”.

Bakare made the comment during a sermon in his church on Sunday.

Last week, Bakare had accused Buhari of bad governance and dared him to come after him.

The cleric said his comment elicited a series of reactions from his associates and friends as well as “the high and the mighty”.


“The past one week has been a time of tremendous pressure on me from far and near, from the high and the mighty because of the message that was preached here last Sunday. Apart from my phone ringing non-stop, some took it upon themselves to visit us at home wondering what has happened to my professed friendship with Mr president,” he said.

“Truly, I appreciate the concerns of families, friends and associates, especially, those who have raised the tempo of prayers to a new and higher level because of their understanding of the season we are in and how deadly and callous the enemy can be. My family and I are grateful for the magnitude of the demonstration, your love and affection for us.

“Genuine friendship is very scarce in this falling world whereas false friends and true enemies are common friends. Nevertheless, it is my considered opinion that truth should not and must not be sacrificed on the altar of friendship. True friends are the ones that tell themselves the truth, no matter how bitter or unpalatable. That is what last Sunday’s message was and what today’s message is all about.


“Just maybe, we are convicted of our sins and we repent of them, we will spend less money on medication, we spend less money on medical tourism in other to have good health, maybe we live right, think right, talk right, lead right, God in his infinite mercies who first heal, can bring perfect health into the life of the president, just maybe.

“Rather than blaming those abusing or misusing power around the throne, it is incumbent on the head of government or leader to identify such men and show them the way out. That is why there must be a reshuffling of this cabinet and a change of that in 2021.”

Bakare said he had utilised every opportunity both in private and public to advise the president on good governance, adding that he will continue to do so.

Buhari and Bakare ran for the presidency on a joint ticket in 2011, and Bakare supported Buhari in 2015, but the two have since fallen out following Buhari’s refusal to heed Bakare’s repeated advice.


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