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Buhari, Nigerians are hungry!

Buhari, Nigerians are hungry!
March 29
07:36 2020

Even before the advent and arrival of coronavirus—that is ravaging the cities and nations of the earth, about 90% of Nigerians was said to be extremely poor and hungry—daily living from hand to mouth. Now that our people are being forced to stay indoors, one can only imagine the latest percentage ofpoor and hungry Nigerians!

The last thing Nigerians want now is for anyone to play politics with them. I doubt if our people are interested in the ongoing drama in the seat of power. They do not care a hoot about the photographs of Mr. President, being displayed on social media to prove that he is in Nigeria. While I do not support those wishing baba dead, I make bold to say that on the condition that PMB is truly in the country, he is supposed to be daily talking to his people. Buhari is probably the only president on earth today who is nottalking to his people! No father—who knows his onions—keeps quiet, when his children are going through a trying time!

Nigerians are not asking for too much from Buhari. They only want to see a president who truly cares. They want to see a president roll the sleeves of his shirt, getting his hands dirty while serving them. No one wants to see a president who is cool, calm and unperturbed, when his people are going through a trying and vexing time. It is not enough to send those who are being paid to speak for him to tell us that he cares; Nigerians want to see Buhari inaction.

For the umpteenth time, Nigerians are not asking for much from baba. Also, Nigerians are the easiest set of people to please on earth. Take for instance, the governor of Lagos State, Sanwo Olu, who is being loved and celebrated by all today, because of what hehas been doing since we carelessly, sloppily and irresponsibly invited coronavirus to Nigeria through Lagos, but a few weeks ago, we were daily bashing him like a car in Lagos for performing below the little we expected from him.Nigerians desire to see Buhari do something close to what Sanwo Olu is daily doing in Lagos. Every night, I stay awake to listen to the governor of New York and the president of America. I want to see baba daily do same thing!

Away from baba’s issue for a while, it is so shameful that our senators took delivery of their 400 ‘toys’ (cars for oversight functions) this week while coronavirus is ravaging our land. A nation that does not have sufficient ventilators has spent about 6billiion naira on 2020 Toyota toys (cars)! A nation that does not have good hospitals has spent about 6billions of naira on mere cars (idols that our politicians worship) that depreciate in value every second!

Our senators have proved once again that they do not “send anyone” and only fools will think they care. I am yet to see a true and good father—who will ignore his children while suffering and go buy posh-cars to satisfy his lust. Only bad and blind fathers will do that. I hope we do have just one good and visionary father in the corridors of power in Nigeria today.

On the condition that president Buhari misses this beautiful moment to show that he truly cares, he will regret it after leaving the office for his village. In my own estimation, this is the best moment for baba’s administration to show to the poor, broken and downtrodden (citizens of Nigeria) that he truly cares. Mr. President, rise and cease this moment. Do not allow liars and bootlickers to cause you to miss out on this beautiful moment to show that you truly love Nigerians.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus in Nigeria, I have been expecting baba’s administration to rise to do what other responsible nations of the earth are doing. It does not have to be a very huge amount of money. It could be a little amount of money!Work with relevant arms of government to credit the bank-accounts of everyone who has “BVN” in Nigeria with at least fifty thousand naira (50, 000naira)! Nigerians deserve more than this, though, but I do know that our people will still accept the mentioned amount of moneywith thanksgiving. Doing this will bond you with them forever! Do not listen to your handlers. Do not listen to bootlickers. Kindly listen to this voice of reason.

It is equivalent to wickedness to keep our people indoors without giving them what to eat! About 90% of our people are living from hand to mouth. Without staying at home, they cannot feed themselves, let alone now that they are being forced to stay at home. When we were not kept indoors, there were too far many people on our streets begging to survive. You can imagine what is going on right now in Nigeria.

Apart from the mentioned 50,000naira that I said should be sent to everyone having “BVN” in Nigeria, kindly distribute hand-sanitizers, gloves and nose masks to a sea of faces of poor and hungry Nigerians.The truth is; most of our people cannot afford to buy hand-sanitizers, gloves and nose masks. Buhari, rise and cease this beautiful moment and write your name in gold. Generations unborn will discuss it and bless your memory long after you are gone. You may choose to listen to those who hate you (masquerading as if they love you), ignoring this voice of reason, but when you leave the office, you will remember this beautiful moment and regret it like those who went before you.


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