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Buhari to hold ‘revealing’ second interview in two days

Buhari to hold ‘revealing’ second interview in two days
June 11
16:23 2021

President Muhammadu Buhari will grant an interview to the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) later tonight.


In a statement on Friday, Femi Adesina, presidential spokesman, said the interview will be “revealing”.

Adesina also noted that the session promises to be educating.

“President Muhammadu Buhari grants Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) an exclusive interview, from 8.30 pm, Friday, June 11, 2021,” the statement reads.


“It promises to be revealing and educating. Kindly keep a date.”

This will be the second interview the president is granting in two days.

Buhari had sat down talk to Arise News in an interview aired on Thursday morning.


During the sit-down, the president shut down the criticism of his appointments. He insisted that they are not lopsided but based on merit.

The president also disclosed that he has directed the security agencies to be ruthless with bandits, violent separatists, kidnappers and all criminals.

He also chastised the youths, saying jobs can only be created in the country if they are well behaved.

When asked about his stance on the temporary ban on Twitter’s operations in Nigeria, Buhari refused to comment on the matter.


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  1. olusegun famakin
    olusegun famakin June 12, 13:39

    The press themselves should react.

    Why the press allowed itself to publish lies on appointment is what we need to hear.

    Cinstitutionally, in what appointment has PMB violate the rules.

    If youths can not protect public properties and staged protest , looking in when “another” group of youths *hjacked *;a protest meant to end SARD the only organ of policing that reined in criminals, what a shame to such generation.

    I rioted in our days in Unikag, the basic rules is never destroy public)school properties , for we owned these things.

    How will Nigeria prosoerb if our dirty minded unpatriotic press keeps referring and referencing A thug Igoho and a coward like Kanu as acclaimed human right activists, SHAME

    Let the editorials address is if PMB was not right and they WRONG

    We have seen in America how the press can side with LIES, shut down opposing views, killed millions worldwide, impeaching presidents, attempted to GAG PMB.

    If I were him, I will do exact thing, I know the press is biased, they see nothing wrong like Twitter with Kanu posts, those do not threatens violence, but dealing with warmongers in the very language they understood do. SHAME ON THE PRESS INCLUDING CABLE

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