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Buhari vows to rescue Chibok girls if elected

Buhari vows to rescue Chibok girls if elected
March 18
18:58 2015

Muhammadu Buhari, presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), says he will do all it takes to rescue the abducted Chibok schoolgirls as well as tackle corruption and insecurity in the country if elected president.

Speaking at a town hall meeting in Abuja on Wednesday, Buhari accused the federal government of lacking the sincerity of purpose required to tackle the problem of insecurity in the northeast.

He assured the people that his administration would marshal out plans that will end insurgency and ethno-religious violence in the country.

“I have had the opportunity to serve my country in the military up to the highest level, as a major general and as commander-in-chief of the armed forces. In the course of my service, I defended the territorial integrity of Nigeria and if called upon to do so again, I shall rise to the occasion,” he said.


“As a father, I feel the pain of the victims of insurgency, kidnapping and violence. Under my watch, no force, external or internal, will occupy even an inch of Nigerian soil. I will give it all it takes to ensure that our girls kidnapped from Chibok are rescued and reintegrated with their families.”

Speaking on the challenge of corruption and how he intends to face it, the APC presidential candidate said that the scourge could only be tackled if leaders lead by example.

He promised to show example in the war against corruption and also hold all the people who work with him to account.


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  1. The Son
    The Son March 19, 12:28

    I am a Cameroonian with keen interest in the hapennings of next door Nigeria. I think the APC made a fatal mistake to have decided on Buhari. If they wanted to win Jonathan, they’d have invested an untainted, completely new, young, vibrant, energetic, intelligent, smart orator to charm with powerful speeches reminiscent of the Obama days. Buhari is complete opposite of these qualities. Since politics is a game of numbers and not a game of excellence, a Buhari win would be the beginning of the world’s worst leadership. I find NOTHING… absolutely NOTHING presidential in Buhari .. a frail-looking, old, tired, boring, not-so-intelligent, visionless, technoloical wuss yet power hungry human being. Not even the least choice for Nigeria in this technoligically fast paced world!

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    • Sunny
      Sunny March 19, 14:30

      As GMB was the person that kept our girls there, he should help & bring back our girls, not until they elect him but now.

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    • May
      May March 19, 16:06

      You liar! How are you from cameroon? Agents of propaganda like you will not succeed. you have everything against GMB but nothing against the corrupt GEJ.No electricity, no good roads. May you be shamed and your evil work exposed.

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      • Bonju
        Bonju March 19, 21:55

        Not only that Buhari is too old and outdated for the modern politics,he would reintroduce sharia law for our democratic Nigeria,and firing squad for our women offenders.Truly we need a change in Nigeria,and that change must start from changing very old and very bad buhari to very good and younger somebody else by the APC.Buhari does not represent a change but a terror.If abducting Chibok was to win the election,let him forget it,and let whosoever is concerned produce the girls wherever they are.Women may no longer have any rights whatsoever if they win

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  2. Idodo Widodo
    Idodo Widodo March 19, 15:20

    If Nigeria were a country there is no way someone like Buhari would ever emerge as an aspirant for a Local Government not to talk of Presidency. How can an aspirant for Presidency in Nigeria in 2015 be illiterate? Its just weird & mumuish

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  3. joy
    joy March 19, 15:54

    We know you will rescue them because you know where they are you buhari kept them and now is doing us boo yaya

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  4. rocky
    rocky March 19, 23:47

    Why that u people’s are saying all this things about gen. if u people are not guilty about what ur bad government is doing OK let wait for the election day to come so that u can vote for ur choice but as for now we are tired of this present government let change pls!I hps u guys are Nigerians if both can talk true about what is happening in Nigeria, the true is nobody fith this country more than gen.buhari we are on ur back baba in sha Allah u’re already on the site,

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