Buhari: I will hunt Boko Haram without mercy

Buhari: I will hunt Boko Haram without mercy
June 28
23:03 2015

President Muhammadu Buhari has vowed to use all the resources at the disposal of his government to fight insurgency.

Condemning the recent attacks in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa, Buhari described Boko Haram insurgents as “enemies of everybody, and enemies of humanity everywhere”.

He said he was deeply touched by incidents of violence on innocent people during the month of Ramadan.

“The terrorists are enemies of religion and humanity … No true believers in any God would target worshipers, holy places, or people who are fasting and other innocent Nigerians,” Buhari said in a statement issued by Garba Shehu, his senior special assistant on media and publicity, late Sunday.


“Make no mistake about it: this government is ever determined to discharge its fundamental duty of protecting the lives of its citizens from physical threats from any groups bent on creating chaos, confusion, and on destroying social and economic life of the people.

“No sane people who believe in any god would be destroying the lives of innocent people in cold blood, terrorists don’t represent any religion.

“The pattern of their indiscriminate violence against innocent people shows that they represent nothing else but anarchy and devilry. They are cowards who lack any moral inhibition and any iota of humanity to reason compassionately and would not find Nigeria a safe haven, because they would be hunted down without mercy and compromise.”


Extending sympathy to the families of the victims, the president reassured all Nigerians that his government would tackle the Boko Haram menace effectively.

While urging security forces to “confront the Boko Haram bandits to the last man”, the president advised Nigerians to show more vigilance and be alert to the presence of suspicious people around them.


    GEJ FOREVER June 29, 05:54

    Are we still in the “I will” mode … I thought we should be in the “I am” mode … hunting Boko haram without mercy” mode.

    Next time I will like to read “I am hunting Boko Haram without mercy”

    Recall, that Buhari asserted during the campaign that he will end Boko Haram withing two months in Office.

    He should get started and stop being stagnant in the “I will” mode

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  2. Wise Head
    Wise Head June 29, 11:19

    Somebody should let Buhari know the campaigns are over. We are tired of empty promises from a government that is yet to rise to its feet. The time of empty promises are over – it is time for action

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  3. Mike olu
    Mike olu June 29, 15:52

    PMB when is the Joint Military Task Force starting their operations? Must they wait until territory is again carved out of the country by the boko boys

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  4. Tall man
    Tall man June 30, 07:38

    Your is only god dat wil help us in d hand of boko haram, i call all d muslim brother and sister 2 pray in dis month of ramadam, with d intention of seeing d end of them in our country insha Allha thank u all nigeria?

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