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Chevening alumni association organises essay competition for Nigerian students

Chevening alumni association organises essay competition for Nigerian students
December 16
21:05 2020

The Chevening Alumni Association of Nigeria (CAAN) has received funding from the Chevening Alumni Programme Fund (CAPF) to organise an essay competition for Nigerian students.

In a statement on Wednesday, the association said the competition is part of its community service endeavours.

The essay topic is ‘Alternative Narratives to Illegal Migration amongst Young People in Nigeria’.

According to the statement, the essay is to encourage discussions among young people on the risks of illegal migration.


“The essay seeks to stimulate thoughts on illegal migration, especially amongst young people, towards preventing the occurrence, and for providing options to breaches of immigration regulations,” the statement reads.

“The options should not only help stop the risks that it exposes perpetrators to, but should offer alternative ideas on earning a living, aside from the belief that the option can only be elsewhere.

“It seeks to challenge the youths on creating and harnessing opportunities in the local environment, and to envision migration from the legal path, if desired.


“The focus of the essay is on emphasizing the risks of illegal migration by deepening knowledge on other possibilities.”

Only undergraduate students of private, public and other tertiary institutions in Nigeria are eligible to enter the competition.

The first place winner will be awarded a laptop, while the second and third place winners will be awarded a tablet and smartphone, respectively.

All prize winners will also get one month of data subscription and certificates of good performance.


According to the statement, the objectives of the competition are to: “Generate ideas that will be helpful for CAAN future engagement with
the private sector, the Nigerian government and multilateral agencies on curbing illegal migration; foster deeper inter-generational learning through interactions between CAAN members and the younger generations, and encourage young Nigerians to engage in the discussion of a core trans-national governance issue, ahead of future leadership roles”.

Each essay submission must not exceed 2,000 words, including references.

The submission must be original, typed, double-spaced, creative and engaging.

All entries can be submitted here.


The deadline for submission is January 18, 2021.



  1. TY
    TY December 17, 14:21

    Please how do we make submissions ….link? Email address? Please provide

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    • Psalmseen
      Psalmseen January 01, 15:27

      Read the write-up again. You’ll see where it’s stated that “All entries can be submitted here.” Click on the ‘here’

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  2. Psalmseen
    Psalmseen January 01, 15:22

    Writing is more than just a passion to me; it’s a hobby; writing is me. Platforms like this are where I really wanna be. But the lack of resources like a PC, data amidst others is really weighing me down. Keep up the good work Chevening!

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