Climate Facts: Food loss and waste generate 8% of annual greenhouse gas emissions, says FAO

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The complexities of climate change and its associated jargon can make it difficult to digest. TheCable’s quick climate facts will help demystify these concepts through easy-to-understand and straightforward explanations.

Here are some to keep at the tip of your fingers:

  • To limit global temperature rise below 2°C, countries must cut 30 gigatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually by 2030, says the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
  • The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) says deforestation and forest degradation account for 10 to 11 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • Global food loss and waste generate about eight percent of humankind’s annual greenhouse gas emissions, according to FAO.
  • According to UNEP, investments in nature-based solutions create fast-implementing jobs – on average, between seven and 40 jobs per $1 million invested.
  • This is up to 10 times the job creation rate of investments in fossil fuels.

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