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Coronavirus: We’ve started immediate cash transfer to poorest households, says FG

Coronavirus: We’ve started immediate cash transfer to poorest households, says FG
March 30
19:44 2020

Sadiya Farouk, minister of humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development, says the ministry has commenced cash transfer to poorest households in the country to cushion effect of the coronavirus pandemic.

The minister said this during a press briefing by the presidential task force on the disease in Abuja, on Monday.

Nigeria has recorded 111 coronavirus cases spread across 10 states and the federal capital territory.

The country also recorded its second death from the disease on Monday.


Farouk said the ministry has commenced advance payment of conditional cash transfer to the poorest households in the country.

She said the vulnerable group will also be expanded to consider more persons during the infection period.

“In Mr. President’s speech, paragraph 54, he directed that the conditional cash transfer should be given in advance of two months. This we have also done. We have directed immediate cash transfer to the poorest and most vulnerable households in the country,” she said.


“Because of this COVID-19, the vulnerable groups have to expanded, because we are aware that there are people who live on daily wage, so we are also going to look at those groups of people to see how we can get this food relief intervention to them in this period.”

The minister said the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has deployed trucks of relief materials to states affected by the coronavirus pandemic.


  1. Harford
    Harford March 30, 22:49

    The problem is this country is not organized even if the FG gives Nigeria citizens money to stuck their houses where are we going to withdraw the money from when banks are close down and all pos outlet will be shutdown too.how are we going to survive with little or no money they call themselves leaders they don’t understand because they are not poor they have already stuck their houses, thieves,
    Don’t use our head we go carry gun and if una try stop us e go turn war

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  2. Lateef Ismail Olalekan
    Lateef Ismail Olalekan March 31, 00:43

    I don’t think it is true because I have never heard or seen anyone receiving an alert of any intervention fund if it’s true people would have been posted it on social media

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  3. Tina Nwa
    Tina Nwa March 31, 06:07

    I’m sure those cash are going right into d hands of the Northerns. Tell me, how can they know d poorest in Nigeria when they treat us like we are not humans, jobs are lost with no hope of where d next meal will come from & they are telling us money that we can’t even see. I wish I can change my nationality being in this country is a cause & bigger then d virus itself

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  4. Rammy
    Rammy March 31, 06:58

    How is that even possible? The same fund that would be shared amongst themselves… seriously guys we’ve had enough recently,only the stigma attached to this Covid19 is already killing so trying to raise our hopes during this trial times isn’t funny at all……

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  5. Big bayour
    Big bayour March 31, 07:46

    When you say pooress who are the they, make sure you give money to everybody. Bad people with Evil Minds.

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  6. Zeal nova
    Zeal nova March 31, 07:59

    I just pray that this issue will be justify because the Federal government will not be able to meet to the demands of the poor in this country cause they don’t know all the poor in the country.I think the use of bvn as suggested will be more effective than any other way.

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  7. Temitoyin
    Temitoyin March 31, 09:11

    The main issue is what measure is taken to know the poorest people in Nigeria? This is total fraud and deceit because if the money will be truly transferred, there will be partiality in the sharing. If the government truly mean what it said, use bvn data to transfer to people’s accounts. When there is not data at all in Nigeria, how then can the government know the information about the citizens?

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  8. Theophilus
    Theophilus March 31, 10:01

    How do you manage to have the data for the poorest households.
    This is another way to keep this money for themselves and their family members.
    Its only God that will save us in this country

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  9. Ali kande
    Ali kande March 31, 10:10

    The reason is that the money is going to reach all local government?

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  10. Samchuks
    Samchuks March 31, 10:13

    Story no body has confirm it

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  11. Nolimit
    Nolimit March 31, 11:24

    Another means of lute

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  12. Sulaiman abubakar
    Sulaiman abubakar March 31, 11:35

    Federal Government should have learned how to tell us stories, but for this one isay its lie

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  13. MJ
    MJ March 31, 11:44

    Story for the gods

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  14. halid
    halid March 31, 17:41

    Your comment..nigerians are so patien,they stop us from going out and find what to eat, and still feeding us with fake news,i think we should rise up a roit against this so call federal government

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  15. Frank Bogi
    Frank Bogi March 31, 17:46

    Stop joking with news

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  16. wayne
    wayne March 31, 18:59

    Your comment..they should make sure they share it bcuz all the money did not come from the federal government

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  17. Bmoney
    Bmoney March 31, 22:04

    How many more nigerian citizen has bvn we talking about, think abt the old and teenagers without it,this can only work out if they invent a tumbprint machine.

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  18. Dammy
    Dammy April 01, 10:54

    I eat in my daily work,, they have lockdown everywhere. Pls should we die of hunger..

    They are giving the poorest money. But why i haven’t see any alert??

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  19. Odaah opueh
    Odaah opueh April 02, 07:58

    You all are here abusing the federal government. Instead of pleading them to share the money to the poor people’s in the country. We’re here abusing them. How will they change their minds. Is it true abusing will they change their minds to the poor people’s, let join hand’s together plead them to share the money.tell problem to the poor people’s in the country. One penter of Garry is #2000 this are the things we all supposed to be talking about. Not abusing the federal government.

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  20. Kate
    Kate April 02, 08:58

    Please they should make sure it gets to hands of the people that needs it the most.

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  21. Dan
    Dan April 03, 09:10

    Abeg FG, please consider me abeg. it’s hard for me to eat once in a day, and now that covid 19 is on the show, i no know how i go take survive ooh.
    please this is my account no below
    Haliru Daniel Ajiya.
    Thanks alots

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  22. joe
    joe June 09, 10:22

    pls let the government provide for the citizens things are hard this time around. see my account number below: 0080767991

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