Crime thrives in Delta communities ‘because of poor infrastructure’

Haleem Olatunji

Niger Delta Demands Accountability (NDDA), a civil society group, says the poor condition of roads and epileptic power supply in Warri and Effurun areas of Delta state, have resulted in a high rate of crime.


In a statement on Tuesday, Ochuko Agbofode and Emmanuel Akpobaro, the group’s coordinator and assistant respectively, said the situation in the communities have compelled many youth to take up criminal activities.

The coordinators said the state of the roads and power have scared prospective investors and other business owners away from the communities.

“The light situation in Effurun/Warri is appalling. Total darkness on our streets is a breeder of crime. If we spend money on transformers with the efficiency of providing appropriate power supply to Effurun/Warri we would have checked out a major problem in our area,” the statement read.


“Solving the power issue alone is an invitation for investors to come to our region.”

The group called on Ifeanyi Okowa, governor of the state, to take proactive steps to salvage the present situation.

It also urged the Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) to improve electricity supply to the areas in order to boost economic activities in the areas.


NDDA said the issue of infrastructure should also be addressed, adding that such development will make the areas investment-friendly.

“We also need to work on our infrastructural developments and make our region investment friendly, so our indigenous investors will invest in our region,” it said.

“The roads are in terrible state. Potholes and bad drainage that stink of poor construction and abandonment are what welcome visitors to the twin-city of Warri and Effurun. As a result of bad roads, unnecessary gridlocks are seen everywhere. We need to renovate our roads and improve our road networks.

“By solving our power problems, fixing our bad roads, developing infrastructures, the businesses in our region will thrive better.


“Youths will push their entrepreneurial dreams with ease, corporate businesses will run smoothly, as well as all other forms of businesses. In the end poverty will be eradicated from the area and crime will die a natural death.”

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