CSO launches online platform for women to report gender-based violence

TechHerNG, a civil society organisation (CSO) keen on amplifying the voices of women in Nigeria, has launched a digital response website to tackle violence perpetrated in the digital spaces.

In a statement on Friday, the CSO said the website — named ‘Kuram’ — was designed to provide an avenue for women and other vulnerable groups to report cases of digital violence perpetrated against them

Kuram, which translates to ‘keep me safe’ in Tiv, brings together efforts with the support of Hivos through the Digital Defenders Partnership to tackle online gender-based violence (OGBV)

During the launch, Chioma Agwuegbo, TechHerNG executive director, said the provision of the website was in response to increasing cases of OGBV


Agwuegbo said many cases of OGBV have remained unnoticed while victims are silent due to the non-availability of a platform where such violations can be reported.

“TechHer has invested a lot of resources to demystify technology for young women and girls through our school tour projects. It is a shame that while we encourage women to access and wield technology more, they are discouraged by the violence perpetrated against them in digital spaces,” Agwuegbo said.

“Online violence goes beyond revenge porn; it is bullying, doxing, deep fakes, amongst other forms of violence perpetrated against women and other vulnerable groups on the internet.”


Speaking during the launch, Amina Salaudeen, TechHer women’s rights and safety officer, said Kuram was designed to provide solutions for victims without judgement.

“It is also more than breaking the silence. Can the identity of victims be kept safe? Kuram is a site that provides solutions for victims without judgement, thus encouraging more people to document their experiences, protect themselves and seek help,” Salaudeen said.

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