The day Nigeria relocated to the United Kingdom

The day Nigeria relocated to the United Kingdom
April 17
13:46 2018

The only time our political leaders say something close to the truth is when they are meeting with either foreign journalists or foreign political leaders. If President Buhari hadn’t travelled to the United Kingdom, we would not have known the ‘truth’ behind the menace of Fulani herdsmen that’s ravaging the length and breadth of our country. Some months ago, Mr. President said that Benue people should embrace Fulani herdsmen—begging them in the name of God, because they are brothers, but a few days ago, he told a foreigner that Fulani herdsmen are foreigners, mentioning the name of a dead President—who can no longer speak to defend himself.

Our politicians have no molecule of respect for Nigerians. They respect foreigners more than their own people. As a matter of fact, Nigerians do not mean much to them. Each time they see either a “whiteman” or “whitewoman,” they unconsciously open their mouths to speak as an effect of probably the bug of low standard complex. I have come to a painful conclusion that it is foolhardy to keep empowering with vote—those who do not have any respect for you. And anyone who won’t be able to stand my objective criticism does not deserve my vote.

You want to know the truth about how our economy is truly faring? I strongly advice that you start praying—fervently for the one—who coordinates the economy of Nigeria to travel to either the UK or US on the invitation of either Donald Trump or Theresa May. White-skinned people deserve to know the truth while you deserve to be swimming in the poor of lies! Also, do you want to know how we are truly doing in the realm of agriculture? Kindly pray that Chief Audu Ogbe is invited to either the United Kingdom or America. If this does not happen, you can never know how we are truly doing in the realm of agriculture. This is the sad reality in both our polity and politics.

Also, there is probably no trip that Mr. President had made to the United Kingdom that His Excellency, Bola Tinubu has not gone to see him. I feel so mortified each time the photographs of their political meetings are circulated for unwary Nigerians to see. I guess the reason they do this is so that the South-West of our nation would know that Mr. President and Tinubu are still together. But this is what Mr. President and those who are handling him do not know: Tinubu does not speak for anyone. He is only protecting his own interests and that of his wife and children. Every right-thinking Yoruba knows this. PMB gives the impression that he’s not interested in politics as other politicians, but the truth is, he plays politics as them!

When it was released to the public space that PMB would be traveling, I knew some professional politicians would soon start crawling out of their bedrooms in the dark, traveling to the headquarters of our modern-day slave-masters. After Bola Tinubu, other APC chieftains would soon start jetting out, because wherever PMB is, that’s where Nigeria is. The day he left Nigeria, Nigeria also relocated to the United Kingdom.

Killing civilians, policemen and soldiers is now a daily occurrence in Nigeria and how Mr. President is comfortable staying where he is right now is what I can never understand till I leave the planet earth. No President stays away from his people when they are daily being killed. Theresa May, who leads the country where PMB currently resides, cannot do what he is doing. If she tries it, she would be voted out. But in Nigeria, our other two arms of government—Legislative and Judiciary are fast asleep, snoring. There is nothing Buhari is doing in the UK that cannot be delegated to one of his team members.

For the umpteenth time, away with political leaders who are too big to talk to our people! Our own loyalty is to Nigeria, not to any man, living or dead. We support people as long as they are in alignment with the Nigeria of our dreams. Once it becomes clear as water that they in power for something else, we would throw them where we threw those before them. Presidents in 1st world countries talk to their people and they are accountable to them. As bad as the regimes of OBJ and GEJ were, they were not too big to talk to Nigerians. The current President of Nigeria needs to be appeased as a god before talking. We are not in the 5th century. We are in the 21st century.

Lastly, Dr. Kayode Fayemi has thrown his hat into the ring in Ekiti state, but he is yet to resign as a minister of the federal republic of Nigeria. On the watch of Buhari, anything goes! An inspector-general of police can do whatever he likes without being fired and a minister can do whatever he likes without being questioned, yet they are fighting corruption. The law is for the poor, not the rich and powerful. They are not fighting corruption a hoot; it is corruption that is fighting all of us!


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