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How to defeat mighty men

How to defeat mighty men
September 03
20:58 2018

Some people pride themselves as powerful and mighty, capable of oppressing others physically and spiritually.


Many of them, demonic in nature, are the agents of  Satan. But according to Enoch Adeboye, general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, these people, who claim to be mighty, can be defeated because they are vulnerable.

Preaching at the first post-convention thanksgiving service on Sunday which was livestreamed to all parishes of the church, Adeboye titled his message,  ‘Dominion over the mighty’.

The theme of the hugely successful 66th Annual Convention of the church, which attracted millions of people from around the world, was “Dominion.”


Reading from Psalm 91 on Sunday, Pastor Adeboye said no matter how mighty people claim to be, they are limited in various ways; and the only one who has no limitations is the Almighty God.

He drew comparisons between the mighty and the Almighty:

  • The mighty man is physically limited because, like in the case of King Saul, he can get weary and sleep even during war. While Saul hunted David in the wilderness, he got tired and slept – all his bodyguards joining him for the much-needed nap.
  • But as Psalm 91 shows the Almighty never slumbers nor sleeps. Even when Jesus slept during his earthly ministry, it was for the Almighty to appreciate the nature of man.
  • Mighty men, like Naaman, do fall sick but the Almighty, who is also the Great Physician, never falls sick, and He lives forever.
  • Mighty men can be limited by resources and some do go bankrupt but the Almighty, who is more than sufficient, promises that if anything is asked in His name, He would provide it. Even if it is something not immediately available He could create it.

Lacing the sermon with prophecies which drew thunderous responses, Adeboye pointed out that for one to have dominion over mighty men or evil forces; one has to connect to the Almighty.


“It is by association with God Almighty who has dominion over mighty men and all evil forces such as demons, witches and wizards,” he stressed.

One of his popular testimonies on the subject, which he didn’t share on Sunday perhaps because of time constraint, brings home the point clearly.

Demons vs Jesus’ name

“There was this young man who went for a programme somewhere; I don’t know the kind of a programme it was because he came back home heavily loaded with demons. So heavily loaded was he that he couldn’t do anything other than just lie down. He couldn’t stand or walk.


“He was brought to the church at the headquarters in Ebute-Metta and I began to pray for him.

“I command you to kneel down for prayers,” I said.

He said, “I can’t kneel down.”

I said, “I command you!”


“Do you know what he said?” he answered, “In whose name?”

I said, “In the name of Jesus.”

“Oh,” he said, “that is different,” and knelt down.

When I had finished praying for him, I said, “Now stand up and go home.”


He said, “I can’t stand.”

I said, “I command you to stand.”

He asked again, “In whose name?”

I said, “In the name of Jesus.”

“That, again, is different,” he said, and got up.

I said to him, “Go home now, have a bath and be normal again.”

He said, “In whose name?”

I said, “In the name of Jesus.”

Pastor Adeboye stressed that people in association with God should be able to forbid evil and scare evil spirits away.

“If you are a true child of God, witches should be running away from you,” he said. “The moment you are connected to God, you have dominion.”

He shared the testimony of his colleague at the University of Lagos whose promotion was stalled for 12 years by mighty men:

Divine promotion

“When I was a lecturer, there was a colleague who had not been promoted for 12 years because somebody hid his file so that it never went out for assessment.

“Then there was a coup in Nigeria, just around the time when this brother became born again. When the Almighty God wants to solve your problem, He can use any situation. And I have always said whatever God has to do to make sure your miracle will get to you, He will do it. Amen!

“Now, many of the lecturers will remember that the coup did not only sweep away the government, it swept away many professors. Many Heads of Department had to go.  “A new HOD was appointed and he decided he must know his staff members. So he said they should bring all their files. They saw everybody’s file except this man’s because his file had been hidden. But the new HOD vowed not to rest until his file was found.

“Finally, when they found it, he was shocked! He said, “No recommendation for more than 12 years. I mean whether the recommendation was turned down or not, nothing has been written?”

“So, he met one or two top people and they said the only way we can compensate this man is to give him double promotion.

“Think of the good in your life that the enemy may have put in the cooler. Your promotion, your success, your fruitfulness, your progress, your prosperity shall come out of the cooler in Jesus name. Amen!

“As it is usual during his sermons he made an altar call and closed with a prayer of blessings.”

Pastor Adeboye preached from the headquarters parish of the church at Ebutte Metta, Lagos.

Photo by Segun Komolafe

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