Dele Momodu: Davido only wants to sell records… he knows I’m his father

Dele Momodu: Davido only wants to sell records… he knows I’m his father
June 03
21:57 2016

Dele Momodu, publisher of Ovation Magazine, has finally broken his silence on the scathing remark which Davido, top Nigerian musician, made about him.

In a track titled: ‘Bahd Baddo Baddest’, the superstar referred to a ‘Mr Dele’ as his boy.

Some people say dem bad like me but nobody badder, some people wan buy car like me but dem money no reach. I cover magazine I cover magazine; I see am for my gym I see am for my gym

Mr Dele na my boy Dele na my boy.

But reacting in an interview with JOY NEWS, a Ghanaian station, Momodu said Davido cannot say such to his face.

“Sometimes your fans may mislead you… I know that he is doing what every other artiste does: you want to sell records, so you have to create controversy. I don’t think David will see me and say I’m his boy, I’m his father… Why would I fight with my own child? I can’t fight him,” he said.

The dispute between both parties started in December 2015 when the 23-year-old artiste disagreed with Sophia, his baby mama, who is Momodu’s cousin.

Sophia foiled an attempt by Davido to take his daughter to Dubai without her consent, and this led to a spat.

Davido later apologised for his actions, saying Momodu could have handled the matter in a better manner.

But shortly after then, he hit out at the journalist again. In a remix of Osinachi, a track by Humble Smith, another musician, Davido taunted the publisher.

“My humble father, Osinachi, my lovely daughter, Osinachi, my baby mama Osinachi, Dele Momudu Osinachi, no be by force to go Dubai, abi na wetin cause the fight, and I just dey my own dey laugh, cause God dey my side,” he sang.

However, in the interview with JOY NEWS, he said: “On Ovation TV…almost every week they are playing Osinachi despite the fact that he is using style to use Osinachi to attack me.

“I can never fight David… He’s too small for me… We are connected together through that baby.”


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  1. O.petr
    O.petr June 05, 11:02

    Mr dele is boss to my own understanding my mentor davido o.b.o is boss too but Mr dele is father to davido i don’t think a responsible child like davido can insult his father, so davido is not insulting Mr dele please fans this is music let see it as music by saying Mr dele na my boy it never a Nigeria billioner man a boy u all no that Mr dele is a father in Nigeria thanks o.b.o badest Your comment..

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  2. MykeLuciano
    MykeLuciano June 05, 12:54

    So,Davido music no get another direction except that of Dele own. I beg make we stop all ds show. Wen we small ppl start see money na so we no know our seniors again. You know wen Dele start see money? Have you ever heard of him insulting hes elders?Who be Devido then when Dele start see money? I beg call spead a spead if not one day”ll be your father and my father’s turn to be insulted too in music by one rich tiny idiot so call musician star

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  3. emperor
    emperor June 25, 06:03

    No insult nor offence commuted. Sir Dele and the Baddest are connected by that Princess and there is no way The Baddest could insult Dele Momodu lol. This is a music marketing strategy and nothing more. The fools are there killing themselves with arguments while Sir Dele and the Baddest are together dining and wining together lolz.

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  4. oroAgba
    oroAgba December 25, 21:14

    @emperor Wine & Dine with who? Them no they class.
    Na him papa mate Mr dele dey wine with.

    We have lost the value of respect cause of 1 thing of the other. People like davido no fit take that shit.
    Big ups to u Mr Dele momodu.

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