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Does God only speak to Nigerian pastors about Trump?

Does God only speak to Nigerian pastors about Trump?
November 19
23:13 2020

I usually don’t like talking about religion or religious leaders. This is because I consider religion to be a private thing not to mention how volatile it has become. Furthermore, I really feel no need to argue or debate with anyone about their religious beliefs, certainly not from my position as a columnist. I don’t need to hit my head against the wall trying to convince or convict anyone. This is not because I don’t have my opinions or thoughts about certain issues, but I’d rather talk about them privately.


I’m relatively convinced about where I stand as I know places and people I wouldn’t be caught dead near. If there’s a decision to be made, I prefer to vote with my feet.  Not to publicly denounce anyone. Plus, I always pray to God not to allow me to have a problem so debilitating that I would no longer be able to be picky about where I run to for help. I mean there are problems that come that see people running literally from one ‘mountain’ to another. I did leave my church of ten years due to their handling of the 2015 elections.  However, as angry as I was, I didn’t publicly take on the church leadership. You may have a different style; may even disagree with how I chose (and choose) to handle such religious matters and think me lily-livered or something.

Be that as it may, I’ve laid this rather long opening explanation to underscore the fact that I do try to stay away from religious discussions. However, I must make an exception this week to ask a few questions because of the sheer number of prophecies ostensibly given by God to some men of God (or so they claimed) concerning Donald Trump and the recently concluded US elections. And by some incredible design, all the prophecies gave victory to Trump: “God told me Trump will win.” “God told me Trump will win but we need to pray for his safety because of the violence that will ensue from his victory.” And so on and on. It wasn’t enough for Trump, ‘God’s chosen’ to win, Joe Biden, the president-elect, had to be painted as the devil’s incarnate. There were ample Bible passages to corroborate and confirm how Biden is the one spoken of in Revelations; how he has the mark of the beast and other weird sounding conspiracy theories. Kamala Harris, the vice-president, was not left out of this.

Unfortunately or (fortunately), things don’t appear to be going the way some Nigerian prophets have said God told them they would go. Does this make them false prophets? The Bible does have some harsh words for false prophets and warns us to beware of them. But who knows, there’s still more than 60 days to Biden’s expected January 20th inauguration. Meanwhile, people like Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy believe the reason Trump lost is because of his support for Christians. While I can’t query anyone’s support for Donald Trump, it’s quite telling that no one can pretend he is a true Christian. Or that he’s a good example of a good Christian. The one thing Donald Trump has never lied about is his level of Christianity which is a feat for someone who has reportedly told over 20, 000 lies.


So, why are Nigerian pastors fixated on Donald Trump and America? Why is God only talking to them about Trump and the US? Is it that they are not asking God about Nigeria or it’s that God prefers America and Trump? Doesn’t God love Nigeria or why isn’t He talking to our prophets about Nigeria? If not, what then does God say about Nigeria? If ever there was a time to hear from God concerning Nigeria’s myriad problems, that time is now. With all due respect, whatever Father Mbaka has to say doesn’t count.

Is the beef between Davido, Burna Boy and Wizkid real?

Beef supposedly sells records, boosts brands, and is all-round profitable. This has to be the case considering the way celebrities and entertainment personalities use beef to promote themselves. By the way, beef in this context according to the urban dictionary means “to have a grudge or start one with another person.” The one case of beef that refuses to die is the one between Davido, Burna Boy and Wizkid.


I can’t really say how serious this beef is because, for some reason, the only person I’ve heard speaking about this supposed beef between the trio is Davido. It might just be because I’m not paying enough attention.  A few weeks ago, Davido was interviewed by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on the Black Box for Bounce Radio. Expectedly, his beef with Burna Boy came up especially because of his song ‘FEM’ which he’d released as a single. There are references in the song that sound like he had Burna Boy in mind. Something about telling ‘Odogwu we like to party.’ In fact, I first read about FEM in an article written from the point of view that it was an attack song to rekindle the Davido/Burna Boy beef. I’ve since listened to the song and the beef is easy to miss if you’re not up to date with the news.

Anyhow, in that Ebuka interview, Davido more or less agreed that ‘FEM’ was some kind of response to Burna Boy which was what the screaming headlines reflected afterward. But listening to that interview, it looked to me what Davido said could be taken another way. Even though he said no one could gang up against him, he did extend some kind of olive branch by saying: ‘we suppose to dey run this thing together’ or something to that effect.  Yet, the beef brigade would prefer to advance the beef. Again, I saw Davido in another interview (being interviewed by a female journalist whose name escapes). He was asked about his congratulatory message to Wizkid when he released his ‘Made in Lagos’ album on October 29 2020 and whether Wizkid responded or even reciprocated when Davido’s own album ‘A Better Time’ dropped November 13, 2020. The answer was ‘No’ from Davido to the two questions, that Wizkid never responds to him but said he’s free to post anything he wants on his own page.

Reading Davido’s body language in these two instances has led me to believe that he’s not really interested in the so-called beef. Because every time I listen to him he gives the impression that if those two reached out to him, all could be well. He actually said he’s made many efforts towards peace. There are probably other people more interested in this beef than Davido. But smart businessman that he is, will milk it for all it’s worth. He certainly thinks his music is better for the beef. Do I like beef songs? Yes. I suppose there’s a part of us that wants to taunt our enemies, real and imagined. But I love Nigerian music and the three aforementioned musicians. I’m certainly not Team Burna, Team Davido or Team Wizkid. Not that it matters much because I belong to the wrong demographics.



Does Lipton think women are only good for making tea?

In this Lipton TV commercial, a man is talking to his son, trying to get him interested in the family furniture business. The son on the other hand is busy on his computer as his father asks how he’ll fare in the family business if he doesn’t get involved, etc. At this point, things are getting rather tense which is when a woman, who I assume is the mother, enters with a tray of tea and asks: ‘Is anyone ready for tea?’ or words to that effect. And they lived happily ever after.

This ad is not actually that new. I think I’ve seen it a few times in the past, but I viewed it differently this time around seeing it on the ad break on Tuesday’s ‘News At Ten’ on Channels TV. It isn’t just the fact that the woman’s only job was to bring the tea, it’s the fact that in a so-called family business, we’re clearly being shown that she, as the mother, has no place in it. It would’ve been bad enough even if it was a maid that brought in the tea. As I also found it difficult to see where the need for tea was in such a setup.

Onoshe Nwabuikwu, AIRTIME columnist is a renowned TV/Film critic, and Film scholar. She also has experience in Advertising as a senior Copywriter and Corporate Communications as Communications consultant. Email: [email protected]



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