Don’t cry for Femi Fani-Kayode

The Duke of Shomolu

You know Nigerians like drama. We like to celebrate nothingness and cry to high heavens over spilt milk while forgetting to preserve the little left in the Jar.

As I watch my brother Chief Remi Fani-Kayode stand side by side a man he had called a demon, the emotions that came to me was that of relief.

I had for a second thought that somehow somehow, there was some level of credibility in this man with so much pedigree.

But that picture yesterday all but eroded all of that and Nigerians should be relieved and quickly move on cos that move is of no consequence to both sides of the divide.


Please what electoral value is Chief Kayode bringing to the table. Which state or local government will he deliver to his new friends and which block vote will he sway to his new friends.

What you saw yesterday was nothing but sound bite. A very poorly orchestrated PR show with the ruling party displaying its latest mascot .

A mascot no less useless than the Arsenal football team Mascot who keeps dancing pantomime in the face of a series of humiliating defeat.


His new friends know this, his old friends know this and he himself knows this.

But in situations like these, all parties need a distraction. With the Naira suffering unprecedented defeat in the markets, Southern Governors suddenly becoming emboldened and asking for a fair share on the table and the Wike fire still burning towards the Supreme Courts, the brilliant strategists to get a breather must distract the raging bull.

Chief Fawehnmi is the clowning distraction that has been thrown into the arena. Truly Nigerians for a second forgot their misery and oggled at the big-headed ogre as he stood side by side the man he had called a devil severally.

Mbok, it’s morning we still have more serious things to do, let’s maintain focus all of this is but for a while.

We have bigger fires to fight.


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