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What you don’t know about June 12

What you don’t know about June 12
June 12
17:23 2018

Many years ago, I was taken to the “Hall of Fame” on the inside of the Aso Villa and even if you are not serious as a citizen, when you enter the place, without being told nothing, you would wake up into living a life of meaning and purpose. When I was taken home on same day, I became more serious about my purpose for being on earth. The rest they say is history.

As an effect of my experience on the inside of the “Aso Rock,” I propose that “Hall of Fame” should be constructed in every state in Nigeria. It will help the emerging generation of Nigerians to start thinking big and working round the clock. Also, it will help those who are currently serving the country to start being history conscious. If IBB were history conscious, he wouldn’t have annulled the freest and fairest election in the history of Nigeria. I doubt if he is going to close his eyes in death as a happy man.

Not long, Professor Wole Soyinka urged PMB to construct “Hall of Shame” for an ignoble class of Nigerians. This should also be replicated in every state in Nigeria. Those who once thought Nigeria was their private company should all march into the “Hall of Shame”—both in the FCT and every state in Nigeria. The man who killed Dele Giwa should have his name boldly written in the “Hall of Shame” in the FCT and in every Hall of Shame, across the length and breadth of the country. Also, the one who killed Ken Sarowiwa should equally have his name clearly hung in the “Hall of Shame” in the FCT and every state in Nigeria.

Going down memory lane, before His Excellency, late MKO decided to contest the election; he went to see his close friend, IBB to clear up some lingering doubts about Babangida’s promise to leave on the 27th of August, 1993. He asked IBB: “Are you serious about holding the election?” The reply was yes. “Do you really intend to quit on August 27?” The reply was again yes. He told his friend of his plan for the presidency. Babangida smiled and gave his blessing. Abiola sought out the General’s mind so that he could avoid embarking on a wasted venture in case his friend was still interested in staying beyond the new exit date. By then, the General had demonstrated that his dates were not cast in concrete but were cast in stone!

Setting the record straight, Tofa was not the preferred candidate of the conservative Northern political establishment. Maitama Sule was their preferred candidate, but because he could not raise money like Tofa, Tofa ultimately emerged as their candidate, especially after Tofa refused to step down for Maitama Sule. For those who do not know, Nigeria’s politics has been about huge cash since the birth of our rise and fall of democracy.

The last time TY Danjuma spoke about our military, many tongues wagged that he did not know what he was saying, but those who understand history know that Danjuma does not speak flippantly and carelessly. Danjuma does not speak and write letters almost every day as OBJ, so when he speaks, you better listen. In January, 1993, just a few weeks after Babangida promised to produce an elected chief executive for the nation; TY Danjuma told the “African Guardian” that Aso Rock would not be vacant by August. He advised the many presidential aspirants—who added up to a tiny crowd—lining up on the quaint Option A4 starting block to go home. If we had known as a nation, we would have listened to Danjuma. If we had done so, we would not have wasted our precious time, voting and expecting a man who was power-drunk to leave power as vainly promised.

IBB said, “MKO is my friend and Tofa is my brother. Whoever wins, I am alright. But I am going to have a lot of problems with my people.” Two things we demand from IBB while he is still breathing. One, beyond the apology of PMB to the family of His Excellency, Kashimawo Olawale Abiola, we demand that IBB should apologize to the family of MKO, families of those who lost their precious lives in the struggle and the entire people of Nigeria. Two, we want IBB to come in the open and unveil to us—“his people”—that he placed above the good people of Nigeria. Who are they? Either they are dead or alive, we demand to know them.

In the deep waters of that struggle, a young man was coming out of his house and suddenly, a stray bullet (from a trigger happy soldier) hit him on his chest and he died instantly. Countless number of Nigerians died as an effect of the thoughtless move of a power-drunk man and his iniquitous team. Those who perished because of June 12 deserve to be honored too. No life is worthless.

Now that Baba Gana Kingibe has been honored by the current administration, I am more than convinced that a generation is fast coming that will yank it off from him. No one betrays and enjoys what loyal people enjoy. Each time Baba Gana enjoys any benefit that comes with the robe of honor that was used to cover his today, the blood of Abiola would always speak fiercely against him. The only way out—is for Baba Gana Kingibe to openly apologize to Abiola and his family. He betrayed His Excellency, late “Money Kudi Owo, omo Abiola.”

Lastly, we appreciate PMB for honoring late Chief MKO Abiola, but the truth is; appreciation and approval are not one and the same. He is not going to be elected because he honored Abiola, but his re-election rests exclusively on three spheres of our national life: Security, Power and Economy. If he fails in those three important areas of our life as a people, he is going to be sent home come 2019!


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